Baby videos can be the perfect social media cleanser considering the vile content people post on some platforms. For fans of adorable toddlers, Wren Eleanor’s page must seem like an eldorado of cuteness. The piNk-cheeked, blonde-haired child has over 17.3 million followers, with her videos often surpassing five million views. 

Wren’s success is partly due to her mother, Jacquelyn, who manages the young girls’ account. Jacquelyn is a single parent, as per the videos, and gets help raising Eleanor from the toddler’s grandmother. 

The page has experienced great success, with the follower count expected to keep growing. However, it has also attracted criticism from people accusing Jacquelyn of exploiting Eleanor. 

Netizens are concerned that Jacquelyn is exploiting the child for social media fame

Note: There’s no evidence of Jacquelyn harming Eleanor. Nevertheless, netizens are concerned for the child, claiming that Jacquelyn is exposing her to online predators. 

In April 2022, concerned Redditors opened a subreddit dubbed r/WrenEleanor to ‘discuss the child exploitation of Wren Eleanor on TikTok.’ Group members claim Eleanor isn’t getting the best parental care from Jacquelyn. 

Some claim that Wren’s mother knows she’s exposing her daughter to harm but refuses to stop it. Others allege Jacquelyn isn’t feeding Wren the proper diet. A recent post reads:

“We all know that the hot dog videos and pickle videos are inappropriate, but I feel as if it’s also a major choking hazard for Wren. Food like that should be cut up for someone her age. It’s like Jacqueline doesn’t care and would rather get views from pedophiles watching her daughter eat.”

Jacqueline is powerless against Redditors but appears to be deleting TikTok comments criticizing her. She’s previously fought against the exploitation claims, stating Wren enjoys making the videos as a fun mummy-daughter activity.

Wren hasn’t appeared on TikTok since the 4th of July, making some fans concerned. There’s no suggestion that anything terrible has happened to the beloved toddler. 

Meanwhile, the idea that Jacqueline is an exploitative mother exposing her child to pedophiles continues spreading on social media. @crystaljeniecee wrote:

“Stop supporting tiktok creators that exploit their children. This Wren Eleanor situation is scary and her mom refuses to do anything about [it]. If you don’t know about it, look it up on tiktok or even here and stop posting your own kids all over the internet while you’re at it.”