TikTok videos can range from entertaining to outright bizarre. The latest bizarre video on TikTok is of a woman dancing with a dead baby. The over 24K followers of @lex.isssss had followed her pregnancy journey, hoping for safe delivery, but the opposite happened – baby Keh’lani arrived stillborn.

The sympathy quickly morphed into shock and concern as the user started posting videos of herself dancing with her dead baby. Concerned TikTokers filled the comments section of her post, with many failing to understand the motivation behind the videos. @lex.isssss responded by disabling the comments on her posts.

@lex.isssss stated that posting videos of her dead baby helped her cope with the loss

In mid-May 2021, Lexxxieb posted a video of herself clutching her dead baby. “Let me cope in peace pls,” she wrote. In her next video, she urged her followers to let her deal with the tragic loss the best way she knew how; by posting videos of her stillborn child. “I am this close to falling off the deep end,” she said. “I know I am smiling right now, but the light inside me is dying.”


Defiantly, Lexxxieb continued posting videos featuring her child. “Y’all pls stop dragging me because I chose to still show her off,” she said. In a subsequent post, Lexxxieb posted photos of her unborn child. The post caused an uproar, and in her next video, she urged anyone who didn’t like her content to unfollow.

“Pls take time to remember I’m still a mother, I’m still someone’s child with feelings,” she captioned the post. She promised to keep posting photos of her baby and added that it was therapeutic. Lexxxieb seemed to revel in the disapproval she was receiving from TikTokers. 

“Realizing ppl will never understand, I knew my child before I even had her & posting her is the only way I know how to let go,” she shared in another video. She continued to defend her actions, claiming that posting the videos offered her some peace. “Stop tryna get me banned for something that’s actually giving me a sense of peace,” she captioned another video.


again you do not have to follow me.. I simply wanted to post/make memories & be proud of my child like every other mother so I took every chance I had

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The concern for Lexxxieb’s mental health was at an all-time high before she revealed that she’d spoken to a specialist. “I’m doing what’s best for me RN,” she added. She captioned a 24th May 2021 post:

“I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of the growth. I’m proud of my reactions. I’m proud to just be the woman I am today. Ty to all the real supporters.”

TikTok removed a late 2020 video of a woman dancing with her dead baby

In November 2020, TikTok removed a video of a woman dancing with a deceased child. The move came after millions of users expressed outrage at the video, which had accrued more than 10 million views before its deletion.

However, before taking down the video, TikTok had stated that it didn’t violate the platform’s community guidelines. It’s probably why TikTok hasn’t taken down the recent videos by Lexxxieb. A TikTok spokesperson told ITV News:

“These videos are clearly heart-breaking and our deepest sympathies are with the mother and her family. While it can be difficult for platforms like ours to balance the individuals need for healing expression with the community’s expectation for a safe viewing experience, our own Community Guidelines determined this as the appropriate action to take.”