Summer Night is a coming-of-age romantic comedy that came out in theaters on July 12, 2019. It was directed by Joseph Cross, and this film is the first one that this actor has ever directed. The screenplay was also written by him, alongside the creator of the story, Jordan Joliff.

Summer Night has a complicated plot line, with a large cast of characters. The two main characters are Jameson Ford, played by Ellar Coltrane, and Seth, played by Ian Nelson. They are best friends and performers. The story begins at a local rock venue, where they are preparing for their performance. Seth receives surprising and life-changing news from his girlfriend, Mel, who is played by Analeigh Tipton. Meanwhile, Jameson is trying to choose between two girls, Corin, played by Elena Kampouris, and Harmony, played by Victoria Justice.

This film also stars Callan McAuliffe, Ella Hunt, Bill Milner, Hayden Szeto, Lana Condor, Melina Vidler, Khris Davis, Victoria Justice, and Justin Chatwin.

The reviews for Summer Night have been mixed, but somewhat positive. It received an aggregate score of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot and storyline have been criticized as derivative and not very original, however. Another problem is that the large cast of characters and complicated relationships between them are rather confusing. Also, some reviewers thought that the characters were underdeveloped. On the other hand, most of the reviewers praised the performances of the ensemble cast, which according to many, saved this movie.

Will Summer Night (2019) be coming to Netflix in the future? Where to stream and watch?

It is too soon to tell if Summer Night will be coming to Netflix.

The distribution company for Summer Night is Samuel Goldwyn Films. Sometimes distribution companies have exclusive contracts with one streaming company or another, which makes it possible to predict where their movies will go once they are finished in the theatres. At the present time, it does not seem like Samuel Goldwyn Films has any such contract. There are several of its films on Hulu, but there are also others on Netflix. This means that it is likely that the streaming rights will be up for grabs, and we won’t know the answer for some time.

Similar films on Netflix

While you are waiting to find out if Summer Night will come to Netflix, there are other coming-of-age romantic comedies that are available for streaming on this platform right now. A couple of these shows are:

  • The Last Summer – a Netflix film about teenagers during the summer before they go off to college as they deal with their dreams, relationships, and identities.
  • To All the Boys I’ve Love Before – a Netflix film about a girl whose secret love letters somehow get mailed to her five different crushes.