Fan-favorite show Criminal Minds is leaving Netflix US on 29th June 2022, giving you one month (at the time of writing) to binge the 12 seasons available on the platform. It’s difficult to imagine a time without criminal minds – the show started in September 2005 and concluded after 15 seasons in February 2020. 

We enjoyed seeing members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit analyze criminals, coming up with profiles that would lead to their arrest. The showrunners spiced up Criminal Minds by including the characters’ personal lives and struggles into the mix. 

Criminal Minds is leaving Netflix following the expiry of its streaming deal with CBS

Criminal Minds has called Netflix home since 2014. Variety reports that it was Netflix’s most-streamed show in 2021, with an estimated viewing time of 33.9 billion minutes. 

Netflix wouldn’t let such a popular show go unless it had no choice. It’s likely that the deal Netflix signed with CBS will expire in late June 2022. 

CBS doesn’t want to renew as its parent company, Paramount Global, owns the streaming service Paramount+. Back in 2014, Paramount+ didn’t exist, so CBS had no qualms handing streaming rights to Netflix. 

In 2022, Paramount+ is a Netflix competitor and therefore unwilling to license shows made by its properties to the streaming giant. 

Paramount+ now hopes to acquire Criminal Minds fans and the billions of minutes they spent watching the show. Theoretically, fans should spend more time watching Criminal Minds on Paramount+ as it has the complete 15 seasons compared to Netflix’s 12 seasons.

All seasons of Criminal Minds are on Paramount+ and the last three seasons are on Hulu

Paramount+ will be the new home of Criminal Minds. The streaming service has 15 seasons of the show. 

If you’ve watched the 12 seasons of Criminal Minds and are only interested in the final three seasons, you can catch them on Hulu. It’s unclear how long the three seasons will remain on Hulu. 

Season 16 of Criminal Minds is in development and expected to debut on CBS and Paramount+ in late 2022 or early 2021. 

“We are still very much in development on Criminal Minds,” Nicole Clemens, [resident Paramount+ Original Scripted Series, told reporters. “We’ll have more to share soon on that, but it is alive and well.”