The death of George Floyd in mid-2020 sparked protests on a scale never seen before. People from all around the world stood in solidarity with the Black community as the subject of police brutality once again reared its ugly head. Violent protests erupted across America, intent on spreading one message: Black Lives Matter. The protests eventually died down, but the BLM movement rages on globally.

George Floyd has become a trending topic as prosecutors try to convince jurors that Derek Chauvin, the officer charged with murdering Floyd, is guilty.

The name Shawanda Hill has come up frequently during George’s trial. This article will look at who she is and her connection to George Floyd.

George Floyd’s girlfriend testified that she thought Floyd bought heroin from Shawanda Hill

On the fourth day of Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, his girlfriend Courteney Ross tearfully detailed George Floyd’s opioid addiction. In her testimony, she stated that she and George struggled with opioid addiction after they were prescribed pills to treat chronic pain.

Ross stated that George had been clean for a while before he started using again two weeks before his death. Courteney stated that the pair relied on legal prescription drugs, but they later turned to black market drugs supplied by Maurice Hall.

Courteney also stated that she believed George bought heroin from his female friend Shawanda Hill.

Shawanda Hill was in the vehicle alongside George and Maurice Hall when police confronted George to question his use of a fake $20 bill

Per police body camera footage, Shawanda Hill and Maurice Hall were in a vehicle with George Floyd when police confronted George for allegedly using a fake $20 bill.

At the start of the trial, defense attorney Eric Nelson stated that Maurice Hall and Shawanda Hill would testify that Floyd had injected drugs before his encounter with police. Hall stated on 31st March that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment privileges and refuse to testify during the trial.

Shawanda Hill is still expected to take the stand.