News of Fabian Marta’s arrest has blown up online as people try to decipher his identity. Fabian was arrested on a felony child kidnapping charge. It’s alleged that he took a child below 14 years without the consent of their parents and confined them for an indeterminate period. 

Fabian Marta funded the controversial child trafficking film Sound of Freedom

Per anti-disinformation activist Jim Stewartson, Fabian Marta is a professional groomer. He allegedly hosts ‘Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy’ parties ostensibly to link women with wealthy suitors. Jim posted an advertisement for one such party hosted by Fabian in St. Louis, Missouri, in October 2020. 

Fabian was also one of the 6,600+ crowd investors behind the controversial film Sound of Freedom. He explained his role in the film via the following Facebook comment: “Disney attempted to bury this movie. They needed help to get rights back and distribute the film. I was aware of this early, the movie was filmed several years ago. As an angel investor, I was able to be a financial partner.”

Fabian’s name features in the film’s credits. Sound of Freedom has received intense criticism, especially from Jim Stewartson, for allegedly depicting a false and sensationalized picture of child trafficking. 

Fabian reportedly met his partner, Jessica ‘Laurent’ Clark, at one of his ‘sugar’ parties. He successfully lobbied, Jim claims, to have her elected to the Rockwood School Board. She ran a ‘Sugar Boot Camp’ that taught ladies how to conduct themselves at ‘Sugar’ parties. 

‘Sugar party’ hosts advertise them as ways for the youth to earn money by engaging in platonic relationships with older, wealthier people. However, anti-sex trafficking advocates claim these parties are conduits into sex trafficking. Marnie Becker, the director of Stolen Youth, a non-profit that works to eliminate child sex trafficking, wrote on The Imprint:

“Sugaring is when an older person, usually a male, offers payment to a younger person in return for companionship. Really, it’s being veiled as prostitution, because it’s rarely just for companionship — usually there is the expectation [of] sex. It’s becoming more common and normalized. It’s all over the internet, social media — you see the hashtag ‘#sugardaddy’ or ‘#sugarbaby,’ and it’s become very normalized.”

Fabian deleted his Facebook page following his arrest. Mainstream media have yet to pick up his story. However, given the traction his arrest has gained online, it’s only a matter of time before reporters flock to St. Louis to investigate. Fabian Marta faces a minimum of 10 years in prison if found guilty.