The search for 4-year-old Athena Brownfield started after a postal carrier found her 5-year-old sister, Adina, wandering alone on Nebraska Avenue in Cyril. Special Agents from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) arrested Alysia Adams on two counts of child neglect. Athena and Adina were reportedly in Alysia’ and her husband’s care when Athena vanished. 

“The search for Athena continues,” the OSBI said. “The OSBI is following every tip that is received, which are coming in from Oklahoma, as well as other states.”

Reports claim that Athena Brownfield’s parents are in contact with authorities. 

Athena’s mother reportedly fled with the children 1.5 years ago

Brook Arbeitman, a spokesperson for the OSBI, told ABC News that finding Athena’s parents was ‘part of the ongoing investigation’. “Right now our top priority is locating her and sorting out who’s responsible will come next,” said Arbeitman. “But we need to find this little girl.”

Penny Brownfield, Athena’s paternal grandmother, told reporters that the family was trying to remain optimistic. “[I feel] heart wrenching chest pains [and] sick to my stomach,” Brownfield said, per The Daily Mail. “We just want her found and safe.”

Penny said that she and the child’s father hadn’t been in contact with the children since their mother allegedly took off with them about a year and a half ago. 

Penny said Athena’s parents were in contact with the OSBI but declined to provide their whereabouts or information regarding Athena’s care when she went missing. 

Authorities state that Athena was last seen wearing a pink butterfly sweater and pink pants. “She’s on her own in the elements,” Arbeitman said. “So, is that endangered? Yeah. But is she the victim of physical harm? That’s yet to be determined.”