Queen of the South is an American crime series that airs on the USA network. The series is an adaptation of the telenovela Le Reina del Sur based on the novel written by author Arturo Perez-Reverte. Queen of the South is so good that it has been compared to the super successful crime series Breaking Bad.

The storyline is one of a woman who escapes her poor living conditions in Mexico and resorts to peddling drugs. Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) then rises the drug leader hierarchy to create her smuggling and distribution empire. However, in doing so, she gains enemies who are determined to bring her down.

We currently have three seasons of Queen of the South on Netflix. This piece will detail when season 4 will come to Netflix and what you can expect in the new season.

When will Queen of the South season 4 come to Netflix?

Queen of the South season 4 aired on the USA network between 6th June 2019 and 29th August 2019. This has been the show’s timeslot on the USA network for the past four years.

The past three seasons of Queen of the South appeared on Netflix in May. We expect that Queen of the South season 4 will come to Netflix in May 2020.

Unfortunately, we might not see season 5 of the show premiere at the same time on the USA network this year after production was shut down due to the Coronavirus.

What happened in Queen of the South season 3?

Queen of the South season 3 was harsh on some characters and quite rewarding for others. Most fans were happy to see General Alberto Cortez get what he deserved. Cortez had managed to cheat his way into powerful positions for three seasons, and it was a miracle of sorts that he had managed to stay alive for so long.

Boaz managed to avoid death in season 3, but his days seem numbered. King George continued to work his magic as a smuggler and helped plot drug routes for Teresa. Camila’s emotional weaknesses were on full show in season 3 as she made a series of terrible decisions based on her feelings. She is a cunning customer, and we expected more from her.

However, she managed to hamstring Camila and found her way to exile. She went away with a warning that if she moved against Teresa, her daughter would bear the consequences. We saw a more human side to James after he developed feelings for Teresa, and handed himself over to the CIA to protect the Queen.

Teresa stopped running and ascended to her throne. She gained control of the Phoenix corridor, made alliances with the Colombians and the Jimenez, and gained a valuable but potentially dangerous ally to help elevate her drug business.

What to expect in Queen of the South season 4

The trailer for season 4 showed Teresa declaring a fresh start without violence in her new home in New Orleans. However, as the trailer progressed, we saw that Teresa wouldn’t manage to evade violence.

Teresa is in a commanding position, but at the same time, she has a target on her back. We expect that her rule will come under serious threat in season 4. The stakes will be higher for Teresa in season 4, and she will have to make hard decisions. The series’ co-showrunner Ben Lobato told EW:

“It’s now impossible for her to hold on to her moral code while running a drug cartel. One of the things we wanted to do early in the season was play with some thematic elements like The Godfather. Teresa Mendoza started on this journey just trying to survive. What we wanted to do coming into season 4 was to create more stakes for her.”