Well-Intended Love is a Chinese show that wowed audiences when it was released in early 2019. The show gained popularity thanks to an engaging storyline and actors that portrayed their roles to perfection. Well-Intended Love revolved around a young actress, Xia Lin, who found out that she had leukemia.

Her best bet was to enter into a marriage pact with a handsome CEO known as Ling Yi Zhou to secure a bone marrow donation. The series then focused on the young couple as it dealt with the trials of an arranged marriage. We currently have one full season of Well-Intended Love on Netflix, and we are looking forward to season 2’s arrival on the streaming service.

When will Well-Intended Love season 2 come to Netflix?

Well-Intended Love season 1 dropped on the Chinese Streaming Service Sohu on 17th January 2019. The show appeared on Netflix in mid-May 2019.

Season 2 of Well-Intended Love dropped on 13th February 2020. If Netflix follows the same schedule as season 1, we expect season 2 to appear on Netflix in June 2020.

What happened in Well-Intended Love season 1?

Well-Intended Love season 1 was a roller-coaster ride full of love, drama, and betrayal. From the outset, we saw that the series would involve Yi Zhou trying to convince Xia Lin to fall in love with him for real. However, his plans hit a snag when it was revealed that Xia Lin didn’t have Leukemia. It turned out that Yi Zhou had falsified documents to let Xia believe that she was sick.

As expected, Xia Lin was mad, and she decided to leave Yi Zhou. However, Yi somehow convinced her to return to the matrimonial home. The couple managed to skip that hurdle, but as the show progressed, Xia Lin was kidnapped. She tried many times to escape, but it was all in vain. Luckily, she managed to send a code to Yi Zhou, which showed him the exact location where she was being held.

When Yi Zhou went to save Xia Lin, he was fatally shot by her captor. He was resuscitated, but he remained in a coma. Instead of trying to help her son, Yi Zhou’s mother tried to snatch the company from him, but she was stopped in the nick of time. Zhou eventually woke up, and the police showed up to save him and Xia.

The show also featured a storyline between Yi Zhou’s assistant Wen Li and Xia Lin’s best friend Jia Fei. Jia Fei had feelings for Wen Li, but he was initially too scared to reveal them. Furthermore, Wen Li thought that he was gay. Jia Fei finally worked up the courage to tell Wen how he felt, and it worked out for the couple.

What to expect in Well-Intended Love season 2

Season 2 of Well-Intended Love is set to have more drama than season 2. In season 1, we saw Xia Lin and Yi Zhou gradually fall in love. That love will be threatened in season 2 as one of Yi Zhou’s old friends will try to steal Xia Lin’s heart.

We will also see how our star couple will deal with being parents. The last shots of season one showed a couple that was more interested in their careers that in raising a child. We will get to see in season 2 whether the couple will maintain that attitude.