V Wars is the latest show targeted towards feeding our fascination with vampires. The show features some familiar faces and a vampire domination theme. V wars has been received well by fans and critics for its expertly crafted plot and world-class acting.

Season 1 was released several weeks ago, and there is already talk of a second season. Keep reading to find out all we know about it.

When will Netflix release V wars season 2?

Netflix is yet to announce an official release date for V wars, but we expect an announcement soon.

Season 1 of the show was released more that a year after filming ended, but it is unlikely that season 2 will take that long. If season 2 follows season 1’s timeline, the show will return sometime in 2021.

On the other hand, Netflix might choose to release the show in December 2020. Netflix usually follows a pattern when releasing its shows. V wars season one was released in December 2019, and season 2 might be released at around the same time in 2020.

What happened in season 1?

V wars season 1 provided a refreshing look into a vampire world that we cannot get enough of. The show centers on a scientist who releases an ancient virus back to the world. The virus causes humans to turn into blood sucking vampires. Dr. Luther (Ian Somerhalder – Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries) also infects his best friend Michael, turning him into a vampire.

The infection spreads forcing Luther to team up with National Security to try and curb its spread. The situation pits Dr. Luther against his best friend. Michael becomes the vamp leader, but he faces stern opposition from Calix.

The war between the vampires and Doctor Luther becomes personal when Calix kidnaps Luther’s son, Dez. Dez is significant to the story because he is the only one immune to the virus. Luther planned to use him to manufacture a cure for the virus, but Calix’s actions put his plans in serious jeopardy.

Calix is determined to create a vampire army, and he infects the water supply in ten major American cities. He believes in strength in numbers, and he has the potential to infect any city in the world.

As the season winded down, we were introduced to a potential cure that makes vampires harmless to humans. However, Calix poisoned the first batch of drugs, and showed us once again why he is the considered the most dangerous vamp alive.

What to expect in season 2

We expect Luther’s son to be central to the plot in season 2. By kidnapping him, Calix is fully in control of the war, but Luther is determined to get his son back. Luther has Mila by his side, and an army to back him up. Luther might get more tech and Verdulaks from the US government for his mission. Season 2 promises to be all out war.

If Michael is alive, he might join Luther against the Bloods. Calix has proven himself to be ten steps ahead every time, and he might look to alter the DNA of the Bloods to make them super-soldiers. Politics might also come into play as America’s leaders catch the virus.

BludSub gave Luther and the humans some hope, but Calix poisoned the original batch. BludSub is the only hope for vamps who want to cure their blood-lust and live among humans. The resistance might try to mass produce BludSub, and restore the people’s confidence in the cure.

Its easier said than done, however. Calix is always ahead of the game, and it would be unwise to rule him out.