Tyler Henry is a clairvoyant medium starring in Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry. The series sees Henry offer closure to people who’ve suffered loss by connecting with their deceased loved ones. Henry shot to fame in January 2016 following the debut of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on the E! Television Network. 

The jury is out on whether Henry has psychic abilities. Some believe in his abilities, while others opine that he is a con artist preying on the grieving and vulnerable. 

Tyler’s mom, Theresa Koelewyn, is one of Tyler’s staunchest supporters. She’s appeared in most episodes of his show, and her story features on Life After Death with Tyler Henry

Henry’s mom was allegedly raised by a convicted murderer who kidnapped her

Tyler Henry and his mother

“I want to learn more about what happened to my mom’s family,” Henry says in his Netflix series. “She could’ve had a completely different life that was taken from her by this criminal.”

In 2019, Theresa learned that the woman who raised her, Stella Nestle, wasn’t her biological mother. Theresa said she felt enormous relief after learning that she had no familial relationship with the convicted con artist and murderer. 

Koelewyn claims Stella took her from her biological mother in New Orleans and conned people off their money. Furthermore, Stella allegedly abused her children by hitting them and locking them inside closets. 

Stella then murdered the owner of Fowler Motel, Judy Wang, and her boyfriend, Wai Lee. Shen then made her barely-eighteen son Peter culpable in the murders by compelling him to help hide the bodies. 

Peter says in the Netflix series that he obeyed Stella because the Bible instructed him to do so. He explains:

“I think my mother’s plan was to kill the owners and, uh, start running the hotel [herself]. I trusted her. You obey your parents. I mean, that’s in the Bible. That’s all I knew. And I took [the] face value [of] that; hey, my family is in trouble, and look, I would do what I have to do to protect my family.”

Peter cooperated with the prosecution in exchange for a reduced charge of accessory to murder. Stella spent over three decades in prison for the double murder and reportedly lives out her days in California. 

Tyler helped Theresa track down her biological family in New Orleans. She lamented the lost time but appreciated that she’d reconnected with her kin. 

Tyler’s father prefers to stay away from the limelight

Tyler Henry and his father

Tyler’s father, David G. Koelewyn, was raised by Barbara Anne and Henry Koelywn, an immigrant from Holland. David and Theresa have been together since they were fifteen. The couple welcomed Tyler, their only child, in January 1996.

Unlike Theresa, David prefers to stay away from the limelight. He resides in Hanford, California, and works as a tile contractor. 

Henry maintains a close bond with his dad, though David shows little interest in Henry’s trade. On Father’s Day 2019, Tyler wrote on Instagram:

“Today, I’m reminded of not only how lucky I am to have a loving father, but to be able to know him in adulthood. It’s a privilege to have a dad that is someone I’d want to be friends with. His love for his child was stronger than any of the ‘coming outs’ he was met with as a parent. In knowing that love was foremostly important, he allowed me to shine.”

Tyler learned that he was psychic after seeing his grandmother’s death

Tyler was ten years old when he saw his grandmother’s death. Henry allegedly felt different, but the vision of his grandma’s death as a ten-year-old confirmed that he had a gift. 

Henry told Ryan Seacrest that he arose certain that his ailing grandmother would pass away. He informed his parents that the family needed to be by her bedside; however, the call confirming his grandmother’s death came shortly after his revelation. Tyler said:

“As I was telling my mom this, her phone rang, and when she picked up the phone, it was the news that my grandmother had just died and it came from my dad who was calling my mom, so that whole instance changed everything.”