Troy Landry, also known as King of the Swamp, is one of the stars of History’s Swamp People. His bio on History reads:

“As the son of a fisherman and seafood distributor, Troy has gator hunting in his blood. He consistently fills more tags than any swamper in the Louisiana. Together with his sons, Jacob and Chase, and a host of family and friends, the Landry gang runs an armada of boats each season to help control the gator population.”

Concern for Troy Landry peaked in 2022 when a false rumor claimed Landry had passed away. 

Troy Landry hopes to recover from prostate cancer treatment in time for gator season

Troy Landry underwent surgery for prostate cancer in mid-2022. Doctors had to remove his prostate because cancer had utterly destroyed it. Troy wrote on Facebook on 1st June 2022:

“Surgery went good. No more prostate. It was ate up with cancer. Dr. Alexander and his crew are doing an awesome job. Hoping to go home. Special thanks to miss dotty and all our fans for all the prayers and kind words. Got to recover before gator season gets here. Y’all take care and hug them babies for me. IT’S A BIG ONE!!”

Through a Facebook video, Troy’s son Jacob recently updated fans on his father’s health. Jacob said Troy was improving daily and hoped to be fit enough for the gator season and filming season 14 of swamp people. Jacob said:

“He’s back home and feeling much, much better. Each day he’s been getting better and better. Everything looks good. They got the lab work back. They think they got it all. He’s just on the road of recovery and thank you for all the prayers and wishes.”

Jacob said they’d gotten the green light to film another season of Swamp People, and Troy wants to be a part of it. “Season 14, believe it or not,” Jacob said. “Which is crazy to me.”

The younger Landry said he’d paid for the modification of Troy’s boat to make it easier for him during hunting. Jacob said Troy didn’t know that his boat, which at the time was getting painted, would have a winch to help Troy lift alligators from the water. 

“Whatever side the alligator is, he can plug it in and life the alligator out of the water,” Jacob said. “No more lifting because he doesn’t need to be lifting anymore at all. It’s going to be a nice little surprise for him whenever he gets his boat back. He’s not expecting that.”