Another day, another cult spreading on TikTok. There’s no need for panic, however. TikTok cults are not like real-life cults – there is nothing religious or demonic about them. TikTok cults don’t inspire fanaticism or lead to brainwashing. Instead, they are a way for users to express shared interests in a fun way.

For instance, The Step Chicken cult involved users posting zoomed photos of @chunkysdead (Melissa) as their profile pictures. Since then, cults have become a common phenomenon on TikTok, with few earning viral status. The Horchata Cult, however, has become popular among TikTok users around the world.

All you need to join the Horchata Cult is to express your love for tacos

Anyone can join the Horchata Cult provided they love tacos.

It’s pretty easy to participate in. To join the Horchata Cult, you change your profile picture to a photo of a cup of milk with eyes on a straw. You will find the photo on @horchata_soto’s profile.

Horchata Sato launched the cult to take over TikTok

Exactly what Horchata Sato meant when he said that his goal is to takeover TikTok remains unclear, but he managed to set of one incredibly fun trend.


Join the Horchata Cult!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #storytime #horchata

♬ original sound – Jorge Soto

Jorge Soto, aka Horchata, is a popular 19-year-0ld TikToker from Rhode Island, USA. He started the Horchata Cult to show his appreciation for tacos and Hispanic food.