Cecily Strong is a writer and actor famous for her role on Saturday Night Live. Her journey on SNL began when she debuted as a featured player in September 2012. In the next season, she co-anchored Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Strong wanted to focus on doing sketches as part of the regular cast and at her own request, she was replaced on Weekend Update by Michael Che.

Strong also has several film and TV appearances. She has appeared in films and shows such as The Meddler, Ghostbusters, Staten Island Summer, Years of Living Dangerously, Scream Queens, and many more. Cecily has bags of talent, and she is destined for the top.

Cecily is a stunning actress, and she is quite vocal about her dating life. At the moment, we can confirm that she isn’t married. Keep reading to find out more about her relationships.

She was in a relationship with SNL writer Mike O’Brien

Cecily Strong and Mike O’Brien
Mike Pont/FilmMagic

Back in 2014, Cecily was in a relationship with SNL writer Mike O’Brien. They worked together on SNL in 2014, and they started dating. Cecily knew that relationships with co-workers are generally frowned upon, but she proceeded with the relationship regardless. Cecily talked to Cosmopolitan about the issue;

“Absolutely. It’s probably stupid. But I got the okay from my dad, who is a business professional. It happens. The good thing is I never feel like I’m complaining or talking about my job too much.”

It’s unclear when the relationship ended, but in 2015, the couple didn’t post any updates about their relationship.

She went on to date with a mystery Italian man

Cecily Strong
Jordin Althaus/E! Entertainment

Cecily’s breakup with Mike was confirmed in 2016 when she talked about dating a mystery Italian man. She stated in an interview with Vanity Fair;

“I was just in Rome. I’m having an Italian love affair. I first met him in Seville, Spain, before I broke my foot in Ibiza.”

Cecily talked about her new man at length, but she didn’t reveal his identity. She continued;

“He’s studying to be a diplomat, which is nice. It’s all very new. So who knows if it’ll be a thing? But it’s still fun. He reminds me of Roberto Benigni in a way. We’ve talked every day for two months. I’m not rushing into anything, I promise. If I were too emotionally attached, I’d be too scared to talk about it.”

Strong didn’t reveal more about the relationship afterwards, and so, we do not know whether the relationship ended or not.