This is Going to Hurt is a comedy series developed by AMC and BBC based on a memoir by Adam Kay of the same name. It revolves around the lives of junior doctors working in the obstetrics and gynecology wing of a National Health Service hospital. 

The series honestly depicts the working environment in obstetrics and gynecology while exploring the personal lives of the hospital. It explores the emotional toll of the job on the young doctors and the insufficient support they get despite their crucial roles. 

The series has gained rave reviews from critics and viewers, increasing interest in its availability on Netflix. 

When will This is Going to Hurt come to Netflix?

This is Going to Hurt will likely come to Netflix immediately before the start of season 2. AMC and Netflix have a deal that licenses AMC shows to Netflix prior to the next season’s premiere.

The showrunners haven’t announced a second season, but given the show’s success, it’s highly likely that AMC and BBC will renew the series. This is Going to Hurt is currently available for streaming on AMC+ and BBC iPlayer.

The series might fail to appear on Netflix if the streamer’s multi-year deal with AMC expires before season 2 arrives. In November 2021, AMC’s interim CEO Matthew Blank announced the company’s intention to stream its shows exclusively on AMC+. Blank said:

“As our current deals with Netflix and Hulu expire, we’ll have hundreds of hours of high-quality shows and films coming back to us.”

It might take as long as five years for This is Going to Hurt to appear on Netflix UK. In mid-2022, reports claimed the BBC resolved to ban the sale of streaming rights to Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix for five years. Pact sent a letter to Variety, stating:

“The BBC will prohibit any exploitation in the UK, during the BBC’s license period, to specifically Netflix, Amazon and Disney+. The BBC believes audiences are choosing to watch programming via these platforms instead of going to iPlayer to watch them.”