Undoubtedly, comedy has become one of the domineering genres in the film industry. Though few women have specialized in it, the likes of Wanda Sykes, Joan Rivers, and Elen Degeneres have taken the world by storm.

Wanda Sykes, one of the renowned actresses and Television personalities, has followed the footsteps of legend- Robin Williams, hence becoming a much-celebrated figure. She has made outstanding appearances in Evan Almighty, Rio, Monster-in-law, Ice age, Curb your enthusiasm and many more.

Leaving a trail of success in a world dominated by men has not been easy for Wanda. It’s all about passion and staying motivated for her. Many have often wondered about her prowess, underlying strength, and background story. Consequently, her wife- Alex Sykes has been under observation by dedicated fans.

All in all, her love for privacy has made it hard to uncover everything about her. How does she deal with her wife’s popularity? Has it affected her in any way? All this and more will be unveiled in this piece.

Read on, as we provide the unknown truths of Alex Sykes.

She was born in France but raised in the US

Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Up until her union with Wanda, Alex lived a normal life without any paparazzi chasing her around or flashy red carpet events. Even though her exact date of birth is unknown, she is speculated to be a little over 45 years.

Born and raised in France, Alex has managed to keep most of her childhood details private, thus very few people know about her family, dreams, and aspirations. We do believe she had a lot of motivation growing up; Judging by her current career success.

The partnership between Alex and Sykes has been odd for some, and it is hard to imagine the chances of an ordinary French woman falling in love with one of the most respected female figures in the United States.

Like Alex, Wanda knows all too well about keeping secrets; mainly because she worked for the NSA (National Security Agency); for 5 years before joining comedy. She had a solid foundation during her childhood- something which set her off a long way when mastering any art.

As far as education accolades are concerned, Alex has by far surpassed Wanda, making the two balance in a unique manner. We shall see shortly, just how far she is in her career and how exactly she has impacted people’s lives.

She has a reputable education background

After completing high school, Wanda proceeded to take her undergraduate degree in France, where she pursued a business-oriented course. Her focus and motivation enabled her to further her studies by taking a Masters’ degree in Marketing and Business from the ISEG school of Business.

This took place between 1992-1996. In an age where Masters and Doctorate degrees were rare, Alex proved to be witty and extremely hard working. Since then, she has played a big role in promoting feminism and showing the world that women could emerge as successful as men.

On the whole, she possesses a wide range of reputable skills including Account management, sales, Business development, contract negotiation, pricing analysis, and prediction, among others.

Clearly, Wanda fell in love with someone who is resilient and highly motivated to get what she wants in life. In a way, she has managed to inspire the people around her and show that anyone can ride on the roller coaster of success.

She is a renowned businesswoman

Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes
Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Having achieved immeasurable academic excellence, Alex has put all her effort into her career and promoting the society at large. Immediately after completing her Masters’ Degree, she started off her career in a global company that deals with women sports, known as WTA. There, she worked diligently as a press assistant but moved to greener pasture in 1997.

Fortunately, she didn’t stay long without a job. In early 1997, Alex ventured into marketing and worked as a sponsorship assistant at a renowned company in France- Federation of French Basketball. Like any other past job, she over-achieved and impressed everyone who worked with her. As a result, she stayed in the job for two years.

At the time, she was rising up the ranks of success quickly, and word about her got out to the corporate world. The famous processing and natural stone extraction company- Levantina Group poached her and gave her a good-salaried job as a sales and marketing professional. This has been by far, her second-longest serving position, where she stayed from 2003 to 2007. Afterward, she moved to another natural stone processing company- Polycor.

All through, she has been seen to be passionate about the manufacturing and processing industry, specializing in the marketing sector. She has been the senior vice president of sales in the company for more than 12 years; quite commendable for someone with a humble background and few connections.

She is not Wanda’s first spouse

Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes
Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Not being the first lover or spouse to someone popular could definitely leave a trail of questions, not only for the new lover but also for the public in general. Wanda’s exceeding talent and legacy in the Chris Rock Show could have definitely attracted aspiring lovers.

It is no surprise that someone had stolen her heart before Alex. The award-winning comedian was married to an upcoming record producer known as Dave Hall for almost a decade (from 1991-1998). Though Wanda was not as famous as she is, she still had some work credited under her and showed a lot of promising talent.

Ever since her love life started, she always felt something missing, and this sparked disagreement between the two love birds. They later on divorced, though they never had kids together. The true reason for divorce remains unknown but is mostly speculated to be about Wanda admitting being gay.

Alex came in at a very hard period in Wanda’s life since she had struggled to make her parents understand her sexuality, having in mind she was 40 years old at the time. Alex truly acted as her saving grace, because everyone in the family finally embraced them.

In a past interview with Oprah, she makes it clear how much the new relationship has changed her and gave her life new meaning. For Alex, none of this past history seems to bother her, and she has not made any comment about it so far.

She has two kids with Wanda

Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes
Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

On 27th April 2009, Alex and Wanda became proud mothers of twins, both a son and daughter. They are Olivia Lou Sykes and Claude Sykes. This not only helped solidify their marriage but also gave them a sense of responsibility. Dedicated gay fans have managed to learn a lot from them, as well as felt more accepted in the current society.

If you are wondering how the two beauties met, it is nothing out of the ordinary; but it could have happened much sooner. Back in 2006, Wanda was sited quietly on a ship lingering in thoughts, when she spotted an attractive white woman with a college bag and a baby accompanying her.

In her mind, she wished she could have someone like her, not knowing the same woman was Alex; what a coincidence! Later on, they were officially introduced by a mutual friend and kicked things off right there and then.

The two displayed a form of love like no other, by getting married even before the official approval of same-sex marriages. The intimate ceremony took place in 2008, at a private location in Las Vegas. The main reason as to why it was done privately is because Wanda could not come out as a lesbian at the time, based on her career and family.

Eventually, in 2008, the same-sex marriage law was passed, but Alex and Wanda had already started laying their foundation. They have been a constant motivation for the LGBT community and the world as a whole.

Despite being in the limelight, they have kept a private life and avoided exposing their kids to social media frequently.

She has no known social media presence

Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes
Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Unlike most celebrities’ wives who love flaunting their posh lives to the public, Alex has chosen to remain different by staying humble. It is rather surprising that she opts for a quiet life while she could be reaching out and impacting lives positively.

However, she has an active LinkedIn account, where she presents information regarding her career, in order to attract business associates as well as promising clients. Wanda, on the other hand, has the obligation to maintain a social life, besides her Television appearances.

She has thousands followers on Instagram only, where she mainly promotes wellness and other career endeavors. Both are involved in each other’s work, and Alex is even cited to have met former US president Barak Obama through her wife Wanda.

They have been seen rocking gorgeous outfits in numerous events and have been a great team all through. Truly, the lovely couple has gone above and beyond to prove to the world that same-sex marriage for celebrities can be both fun and accommodative.

This is not the end for Alex Sykes

With two kids to raise, a celebrity wife to maintain and a career to develop, Alex has a long way to go in all aspects, and we know for a fact, that there is more in store for her.

Her fast-growing fashion sense could motivate her to start her own brand, and who knows, she might grow to become bigger than most cloth-line brands.

Watch her space!

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