Nancy Pelosi made history when she became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the US House of Representatives in 2007. She held that post from 2007 to 2011 and was reelected in 2019. Pelosi joined congress in 1987, and she has served 17 terms as a member of congress.

In 2003, Pelosi became the first woman to lead a party in congress, and she is still the leader of the Democratic Party. Nancy dominated the headlines in September 2019 when she announced the start of President Trump’s impeachment hearing.

Unknown to many, Nancy has been married since 1963. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, prefers to maintain a low profile. This piece will look at Paul and Nancy’s family, his career, and his refusal to share his wife’s spotlight.

Paul and Nancy welcomed five children in six years

Paul Pelosi was born in 1940, and he grew up in San Francisco. He headed out to Georgetown University to study Foreign Service, and it was during his time there that he met Nancy. At the time, Nancy studied at Trinity College in Washington D.C. Paul and Nancy got married in 1963, and they lived in New York up to 1969 as Paul completed his studies at New York University.

Nancy had her first child in 1964, and by the end of 1960, the couple had five children. Nancy Corrine, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra were born within six years. Raising five children at the same time was a struggle, but Paul and Nancy managed to do it successfully. Paul and Nancy currently have nine grandchildren.

Paul is a major player in the business world

After leaving Georgetown University, Paul enrolled in New York University and earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business. He went on to study at Harvard’s Business School. Paul has made a fortune from his skill in investing in Bitcoin Revolution Test, as well as other profitable businesses.

Paul runs a capital investment firm known as Financial Leasing firm based in San Francisco. He spends most of his time in San Francisco running the firm, but he regularly flies to Washington to visit Nancy. Paul also owns shares in companies such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Paul’s business moves have made Nancy one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Paul has no interest in sharing the limelight with his wife

Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

When Nancy joined Congress in 1987, she told The Chronicle that she had a healthy relationship with Paul because she didn’t ask him to put much effort into her political career. In 2004, Paul echoed Nancy’s statements when he told The Chronicle:

“I’ve made a conscious effort to not be involved or give the appearance of being involved in her political career. People should realize that she is the one.”

Paul helped with fundraising and accompanying Nancy to events, but he mostly preferred to keep away from the limelight. Being a businessman and an investor, he knew that his business deals could be used to tarnish Nancy’s name. The couple thus decided to have separate careers.

It, therefore, came as a surprise when Paul paid $12 million for the now-defunct Sacramento Mountain Lions football team. The move put Paul firmly in the headlines as he and other investors tried to create a football league that would rival the NFL. Paul stated that he didn’t consult Nancy before making the buy, but he insisted that it wouldn’t affect her political career. He told The Los Angeles Times:

“Back in the day when she first went into government and I was in real estate, I never did anything with resolution trust – there were tremendous opportunities there to go buy things and make a lot of dough. I never did because I thought if I did and I made dough that there would be something they would obviously criticize her for. So I’ve religiously steered away from anything that would look controversial to her position.”

The business move didn’t affect Nancy’s political career, but it turned out to be a lousy investment for Paul. The rival football league that Paul and other investors tried to create folded due to financial problems in 2012.