Stephen A. Smith is perhaps the most outspoken sports analyst in the world. He never seems to run out of words. Stephen started his career as an analyst and commentator during his time in college. He started by writing a column on the school newspaper that detailed why his coach, Hall of Famer Clarence Gaines, should have retired.

Smith is primarily known for his work on EPSN First Take alongside Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim. He also appears as an NBA analyst on SportsCenter. Smith is famous for being loud, and at times, he also makes some pretty controversial comments. Stephen is a top celebrity in the sporting world, but he keeps his personal life secret.

We can confirm that Stephen A. Smith is not married. This piece will look at his past dating life, and the rumors that dominate his personal life.

Stephen recently revealed that he is not yet ready to settle down

“Sports are the biggest reason I’ve been single all of these years,” Stephen told Inside Hook. For a long time, Stephen’s priority has been his career. He revealed that his mission has been to ensure that he never experiences the abject poverty he experienced as a young man. Smith is, however, not ruling out marriage. Once he feels ready to commit, marriage will come. He explained:

“I knew I didn’t have that level of commitment to give to another human being. I knew I couldn’t do it. People will still ask me, ‘Stephen, why are you not married?’ Because I don’t want to be. When I want to get married, I’ll get married. That’s my answer. I leave it at that.”

There might be little activity in Stephen Smith’s love department, but he feels competent enough to answer people’s queries about relationships. His ESPN show Stephen A’s World features a segment titled The Love Doctor in which Smith dishes out relationship advice.

Smith is a sports guy, but he enjoys talking about relationships. “Anything that involves couples, I love that kind of stuff,” Smith said. “It fascinates me.” He believes that a sports show provides a welcoming environment that encourages people to open up. “With a sports show, you’d be surprised how many relationship issues happen because dudes prioritize things over women.”

However, before you present your query to Stephen, consider the advice he offered to an Atlanta football fan asking if he should continue dating a Dallas Cowboys fan. “Dump Her!” Stephen said in his usual eccentric manner before adding:

“Get rid of her fast. It goes nowhere. It’s not going to work with a Cowboys fan. They’re not rational. They’re not realistic. They’re not sensible. They don’t exercise common sense. You’re not going anywhere with that – though you’re a Falcons fan, so I don’t know how much better you are.”

He was once engaged and he has two daughters

Stephen is not married, but he was once engaged. GQ Magazine tried to question him about the reasons behind the breakup, but Smith declined to offer more details. However, he did reveal that he has two daughters who are 1 year apart in age. He told GQ that his daughters offered hope after his mother died;

“It’s a blessing, but that love is also a curse, because you’re never, ever at peace.”

There are many rumors about his personal life and relationships

Stephen is quite vocal when it comes to sporting matters, but he prefers to stay tight-lipped when it comes to his dating life. The result of it is that there are many rumors surrounding his personal life.

One of the most widespread rumors suggests that Stephen has a son. The origin of this rumor is unknown, and it remains a mystery whether Stephen has a son or not. Another rumor about Stephen concerns the mystery lady that accompanied him to Steve Harvey Foundation’s annual gala in 2011.

The lady’s identity was not determined, and she has never been spotted again with Stephen.