Danielle Outlaw’s turbulent three-year tenure as Philadelphia Police Commissioner ended following her ‘voluntary’ resignation. She will move east to work as the deputy chief security officer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “My staff’s teamwork, innovative thinking, and determination have kept the Department moving forward, and for that, I am extremely grateful,” Outlaw said

Danielle Outlaw’s husband’s identity is unclear; she has two sons

Danielle Outlaw has impressively kept the identities of her husband and two sons secret. Outlaw and her husband, also a law enforcement officer, have been together for over two decades. 

She told Philadelphia Magazine that one of her sons is artistic, and the other is an athlete. Outlaw told The 19th in May 2020 that her kids were in college in Georgia and California when the pandemic hit. She said:

“I had to scramble like other parents and get them out of their housing and to somewhere safe. I was able to fly my oldest son [in Georgia] here, but because stay-at-home orders were enacted in California, I haven’t seen my youngest son in person since all of this hit. Obviously I’m running an organization here, but I’m still mom when I go home.”

Outlaw said she and her husband talked to their children about police brutality long before the national Black Lives Matter protest in 2020. She told The 19th that she urged her boys to live vigilant but fearless lives. She continued:

“When they were very young boys, we had conversations with them about the police — and both of their parents are cops — how to interact with the police, what to do when you’re stopped by the police, how some people in the world view them as young Black men. I don’t shelter them from any of that.”