Kayla Kosuga is an American YouTube star known for posting makeup tutorials, fashion routines, and vlogs on her self-titled channel. Kosuga recently received the YouTube Gold Creator Award for surpassing one million subscribers on her channel. Kayla achieved her amazing feat despite being rather inconsistent with YouTube in 2020.

Kosuga is also a star on Instagram, where she posts loads of modeling photos and occasional family photos. Kayla describes herself as an Island Girl, but she has lived inland since her family moved from Hawaii to Florida when she was 14.

This piece will look at Kayla’s recent pregnancy, her relationship with Elijah Gomez, and her plastic surgery.

Kayla was surprised at how well her parents reacted when she told them that she was pregnant

Kayla Kosuga

It didn’t immediately occur to Kayla that she might be pregnant when she missed her period. She was used to her period arriving two weeks later than expected. However, her body had been displaying unusual signs over the past month, and so, she decided to take a pregnancy test. It didn’t take long before the result came back positive.

Kosuga worried about how her religious parents would receive the news. Her Christian parents believed in getting married before starting a family, and clearly, that thought was out the window. Kayla’s parents thought it unusual that Kayla wanted to talk to them about something important because Kayla was never the type to talk to her parents about her private issues.

Kayla’s mother angered Kayla when she instantly suspected that Kosuga was pregnant. Kosuga got angry because she wanted to be the one to deliver the news. Tears rolled freely as Kayla waited for her parents’ reaction to the news. Kayla revealed in her announcement video that she was surprised by her parents’ support:

“I was expecting my parents to be ballistic and, you know, go crazy and stuff, but they are actually really supportive. The first question they asked me was what I was going to do. Like, if you are having your first child, no one is ever ready… I just told them that I have to put my big girl pants on. I’m going to have to mature even more since I’m having a kid.”

Kayla didn’t know what to expect from her parents, but she was certain that her boyfriend Elijah would be overjoyed by the news. “Elijah’s family is very supportive as well too, and baby daddy is very very supportive,” Kayla said. Elijah announced the baby news to his fans via an Instagram photo displaying sonograms of the child. He attached the following caption: “So glad to announce that we’re starting a new journey together. Thank you so much for all of your support.”

Kayla and Elijah resolved not to live together after they hit a rough patch in their relationship

Kayla and Elijah

In mid-2020, all was not well between Kayla and Elijah. They had been living together for a while, but it was not working out. The couple posted a video on 3rd July 2020 explaining why they’d resolved to stop living together.

Elijah explained that he’d suffered injuries that had rendered him unproductive for several weeks. The extra time he spent in the house caused tension between him and Kayla. Furthermore, Kayla had a lot on her shoulders as she had to support her family, Elijah, and her dogs. The tension between Kayla and Elijah led to some nasty fights. “We’ve been fighting a lot,” Kayla said. I wouldn’t say over small issues but like big issues. Elijah added:

“When we do fight, it’s hectic. We don’t normally get into a lot of fights. Normally we are very easy going and very chill people, but recently, because of everything that happened and all the stress, and me not working it’s caused a few fights and kind of put a damper on things.”

To save their relationship, the couple decided that Elijah move out of the apartment. It had been fun living together, but the couple felt like they’d moved in together prematurely. The couple agreed that they would eventually reside in the same house as they plan to get married, but they needed to build on their lives separately before coming together. Kayla said:

“We are taking a break from each other because we want to focus on our own selves. Eventually, I want to marry this loner here… I just want him to have his own life and his own career… I want him to have his own life and be successful on his own before we are together.”

It’s unclear whether the couple will move in together now that they have a baby on the way.

Kayla underwent a nose job to change the side profile of her face, but she made sure not to alter the Asian elements of her appearance

Kayla Kosuga

Kayla Kosuga was born on 24th March 2001 to Aidel and Keola in Maui, Hawaii. She grew up alongside an older brother, Noah, and a younger sister Tiara. Kayla is of Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish heritage.

Kosuga faced bullying in high school because she remained slim after hitting puberty. Her body didn’t bother her, but she faced taunts from her schoolmates and social media trolls. Some even accused her of suffering from anorexia. Kayla stated in an assumptions video posted on 1st February 2019:

“I used to feel so insecure about my body and all the other girls had boobs and butts, and I was literally flat like a table. People would make fun of me, say I’m anorexic, this and that… I remember I used to cry myself to sleep and stuff because I couldn’t do anything about it. This is my body. I was born this way. I was naturally born skinny. I eat so much and I don’t gain a single pound.”

Despite the hate, Kayla made it through high school. She didn’t feel the need to alter her frame, but she felt so insecure about her nose that she opted to undergo cosmetic surgery to alter its side profile. Kayla’s nose was slightly skewed to the right, and it was too bulbous for her liking. Her goal was to alter her nose without changing the Asian characteristics of her face. She explained in a February 2020 video:

“I was mainly focused on my side profile instead of my front profile… My nose still has that Asian feature it’s just looks very straight and defined. That wasn’t my main concern. My main concern was my side profile. I still wanted to have my Asian features. I wasn’t really trying to make my nose smaller… I really just wanted to add height to my nose.”