Whether or not you enjoy The Simpsons, there’s no denying that the show predicts the future. It predicted that, among others, Donald Trump would be president and nuclear waste would create three-eyed fish. The latest alleged prediction by The Simpsons involves Travis Scott’s tragic Houston concert in which eight people died. 

It all started to go wrong at the concert when the wave of over 50,000 began to push forward. The pressure obstructed people’s breathing, causing some to lose consciousness and eventually die. Paramedics treated three hundred people at the site, including eleven with cardiac arrest. 

The art linking Astroworld to The Simpsons didn’t appear in any Simpsons episode

The Simpson-inspired art linking the cartoon to Astroworld didn’t appear on the show. A fan created the photo showing Lisa and Homer Simpson walking into a giant head similar to the one on Astroworld’s album cover. 

It’s a fan-inspired mash-up between The Simpsons and Astroworld. It has nothing to do with the recent concert disaster. 

Nevertheless, fans have gone fishing for parallels between Astroworld and The Simpsons. In one of them, Marge exclaims that a Roofi concert is oversold as she’s stuck in a jam. 

“Huh! This concert is oversold. It’s as if a music promoter acted unscrupulously,” Marge says. It later emerged that authorities expressed concerns about the crowd’s size before Travis Scott took the stage. 

TikTok has promoted another parallel showing similarities between a magazine in The Simpsons and art used to promote Scott’s latest album, Dystopia. The images in both are eerily similar, and the outlets in both appear identical. 

There’s no definite similarity between the Astroworld disaster and anything that happened in The Simpsons. It seems like a desperate attempt by fans to find a non-existent connection between the two. 

Some fans have expressed their disgust at claims that The Simpsons predicted Astroworld. One fan wrote: “Do u know how stupid u gotta be to believe the Simpsons predicted Astroworld. Like even the flat earthers are more logical than y’all I swear it is WILD.”