The Plot to Kill My Mother premiered on Lifetime on 22nd January 2022, with Romy Weltman playing the protagonist, Elena, who discovers that she’s been living a lie and embarks on a dangerous mission to find justice. The film’s synopsis reads:

“A young woman who unknowingly grew up in federal witness protection reels after her mother’s murder, leading her to question everything that she thinks is true. She decides to leave the program and find the killer before he kills again, but reclaiming a life she never knew isn’t going to be easy.”

The Plot to Kill My Mother is loosely inspired by true events

The Plot to Kill My Mother is partially based on a true story. Unfortunately, we haven’t identified the true events that inspired the film or the parts of the film that mirror reality. 

Lisa Joy of Westworld fame wrote the film’s script and is yet to address it in interviews. If Joy discusses the film, we should get more insight into the storyline. 

For now, we’ll have to make do with knowing that part of the movie draws from real-life experiences. The Plot to Kill My Mother touches on contemporary issues like living under federal protection and the impact of murder on a victim’s loved ones.