Run, one of Hulu’s most popular films, is a thriller that focuses on a disabled girl named Chloe and her overbearing mother, Diane. At first, it appears Diane is a doting mother intent on caring for Chloe. However, through Chloe’s eyes, we begin to see Diane in a different, sinister light. 

Though there are several true stories similar to Run, the film is not based on a true narrative

Run is not based on a true story. However, cases similar to the one depicted in Run sometimes appear in real life. In the film, it turns out that Diane stole Chloe from the hospital and caused her disability. The narrative implies that Chloe is a victim of ‘Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another’, previously known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. 

This form of child abuse is inflicted by a caregiver who invents or imparts symptoms on a child to make them appear ill. A famous real-life case involved Gypsy Rose and her mother, Dee Dee. Gypsy Rose eventually assisted in her mom’s murder; In Run, Chloe exacts revenge on Diane. Kiera Allen, Chloe’s actor in Run, told Decider:

“I read a lot of stories that were similar to Chloe’s and heard stories of the people around them and how they changed [after those experiences]. Trauma is such an individual thing, so I can’t speak to what anyone else would be like going through this, but we crafted what this would be like for Chloe.”