Ever wondered how good you need to be on earth to have a joyous and peaceful afterlife? The Good Place might have the answer to that question. The show follows a group of four people who find themselves in ‘The Good Place’ after leaving earth. However, they soon find out that this good place is actually ‘The Bad Place’.

‘The Bad Place’ is veiled as a happy place by the demon Michael as a way of tormenting people who were bad on earth. Michael resorts to wiping their memories, but they always end up figuring out Michael’s scheme.

The Good Place season 4 will be the last season of the hit show. This article will detail everything you need to know about The Good Place season 4.

When will Netflix release The Good Place season 4?

The availability of The Good Place on Netflix depends on your region. In the US and Canada, episodes of the show air weekly on NBC. The Good Place usually appears on Netflix in the following September after the show premieres. We, therefore, predict that The Good Place season 4 will appear on Netflix US and Canada in September 2020.

However, the show might premiere sooner on Netflix, considering that season 4 will be the last season of The Good Place. In regions outside the US and Canada, The Good Place is a Netflix original. New episodes of the show appear on Netflix a day after they air on NBC in the United States. These regions include the UK, Ireland, Central & South America, Mainland Europe, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, and South Korea.

However, countries like Greece, India, Israel, and Thailand have three seasons of the show. Iceland, Italy, South Africa, and Sweden have two seasons of The Good Place. We suspect that all regions will have the entire series by the time season 4 appears on Netflix US & Canada.

What happened in The Good Place season 3?

The Good Place

In The Good Place season 3, the four main characters were given the chance to return to earth to attempt to enough good points to enter the real Good Place. However, Michael and Janet interfered too much with humans’ lives on earth, and it angered the after-life governing body.

The after-life governing body declared that our favorite humans wouldn’t be allowed in The Good Place. This declaration inspired the four to dedicate their lives to helping other humans enter into The Good Place.

As the season progressed, Janet and Michael discovered that in more than five centuries, no one had earned enough points to be allowed into The Good Place. The pair tried to explain to Judge Gen that nobody could get enough points to enter The Good Place because each good deed brought about undesired bad consequences.

Judge Gen traveled to earth and found out that Michael and Janet were telling the truth. Gen, therefore, allowed Michael to create a simulated neighborhood known as The Medium Place. This place would allow humans to become good people without the interference of external factors.

What to expect in The Good Place season 4.

At the end of season 3, four deceased humans were selected to test out The Middle Place. The recruits were to be guided on how to become better people by the original four. However, The Bad Place intentionally chose unfavorable recruits to try and foil the experiment.

Season 3 revealed two of the recruits, and they each had a connection to one of the original four. Simone was Chidi’s girlfriend on earth, and it sent him into panic mode. The second recruit was a blogger who clashed with Tahani on earth. The next two recruits will be revealed in season 4 and they should have personal connections to Eleanor and Jason.

We expect that season 4 will revolve around these 8 characters.