Now is a great time to be revisiting one of Netflix’s most captivating shows for the summer, A Good Place. The newly anticipated season is sure to be sad for those who are familiar of the series, as it’s now known that it’s the last and final season in the comedy series.

If you’re not familiar with the show. It’s a brilliant concept about a young woman named Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, who has been sent to ‘The Good Place’. It’s a place in the afterlife in which only the good go, but she realises that she’s only there by mistake. The idea of making death a comedy show is incredibly hard but this show has been pulling it off ever since the fall of 2016.

Is The Good Place available on Netflix?

The show has been available on Netflix ever since its release back in 2016. The series is full of a noticeable and lovable cast and it’s worth seeing. All current Seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix right now, If you’re using Netflix in the UK. If you’re American, then you have to watch it on the broadcast show NBC. It does premiere at the same time roughly. America and Canada have to wait till September 2019, if they want to watch Season 3 on Netflix. There’s no great rush to watch the show now, as there is still a bit of time to wait for the last season.

Does Season 4 have a Release Date on Netflix?

The show itself had already been given a season renewal, that was announced by the show’s network NBC. It was announced back in December of 2018, while Season 3 was premiering on the streaming service Netflix, and also broadcasting on NBC itself.

The showrunner Michael Schur has said that he feels like four seasons for the series “was the right lifespan” for the show. He also added that “over 50 episodes” is the amount expected for the overall runtime of the whole series, as he concludes his tweet with “We look forward to a great final season airing this fall”. We know a few things that had followed from this tweet. One of which is that the show will likely be released in September or October of 2019. This is when the last season was released and the one before that. I wouldn’t imagine that they would change the release date this year if they haven’t before with their other seasons.

Secondly, we know that they’ll be 13 or more episodes in this final season. We know this because there are currently 37 episodes, and if the showrunner has announced 50 or more then we’ll be in for a treat. They’ll be no shortage of episodes this season.

Netflix Shows familiar to A Good Place

If you’ve already been up to date with all three seasons of A Good Place, then these shows are very much similar and well worth watching in the meantime:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Sex Education
  • The Umbrella Academy

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