The Good Doctor is an exhilarating medical drama that airs on ABC. The series currently has four seasons. 

It follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a surgical resident looking to become one of the top surgeons at the hospital. He faces one major problem, however. Dr. Shaun is autistic, which doesn’t affect his ability to diagnose and treat patients, but affects his communication and reactions in high-pressure situations. 

Shaun’s is the main storyline, but the show tells plenty of other intriguing stories through its supporting cast. The patients coming through the door at St. Bonaventure also add an extra dose of interesting. 

Is The Good Doctor on Netflix?

The Good Doctor is available on Netflix in most regions outside the United States and the United Kingdom. Most regions have three seasons of the show except for Germany, Japan, and South Africa, which have two seasons.

Where else is The Good Doctor streaming?

The Good Doctor is also available for streaming on Hulu. 

Hulu has the four full seasons of The Good Doctor. 

U.S. viewers can, therefore, catch The Good Doctor on Hulu.