The Bureau is a French political thriller based on real accounts given by former spies. It centers on the lives and missions of agents of France’s Directorate-General for External Security. The show details the trials and triumphs of deep-cover agents in long-term missions in North Africa and the Middle East. 

The Bureau was created by Eric Rochant and is produced by The Oligarchs Productions and Canal+. The series received widespread critical and fan acclaim after it was released in June 2016. It is popular worldwide, and you might be wondering whether it is available on Netflix.

Is The Bureau streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Bureau is not available on Netflix in any region. However, there is a possibility that the series will come to Netflix in the future.

Where is The Bureau available for streaming?

The Bureau is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime via the Sundance Now add on.

The series is also available on regional streaming platforms all around the world. In Germany, The Bureau is available for streaming on ProSebien’s streaming service, Joyn Plus. Australian viewers can watch The Bureau on SBS on Demand.

What does the future hold for The Bureau?

The Bureau season 5 recently concluded on 8th May 2020. There will be more seasons of the show, but Eric Rochant will step aside as the show’s creator. However, he will remain as executive producer and co-producer. 

There are also plans for U.S. and South Korean re-makes of the show.