Hunter Lawrence’s bid for a third title in what has been a remarkable 2023 season ended when he injured his back during practice and qualifying for the SuperMotocross season finale. Lawrence was four points ahead coming into the race but had to pull out due to the injury. 

Hunter Lawrence’s wife, Cynthia Tonus, helped him return to racing after a difficult 2020

Hunter Lawrence is married to Cynthia Tonus, a Swiss national. The couple met when Hunter raced in Europe and have been together ever since. It’s unclear when Lawrence and Tonus married. 

Tonus helped Lawrence to get back to racing after a difficult 2020. A succession of injuries had convinced Lawrence to retire early. Lawrence told Racer X that he was ‘in a bad spot’. However, his human support system convinced him not to give up. Lawrence explained:

“In 2020, I was done. It was Cynthia [wife] and my dad and Johnny [O’Mara] in the bunker of the GEICO truck. I just dislocated my shoulder for a second time, needed a fourth surgery in seven months, and I was done. It was probably two or three days after that that I decided I was going to come back and keep doing this.”