Winona Ryder is an actress that needs no introduction. She’s starred on our screens since the 1980s and is experiencing something of a career renaissance with her role as Joyce Byers in Stranger Things

Talia Ryder is almost like Winona Ryder in the mid-1980s: stunning, ambitious, and supremely talented. The younger Ryder is still riding high on the success of Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, in which she plays the lead role of Clare. It will surely be the first of many lead roles for Talia. 

The fact that Winona and Talia share a name has led to speculation they might be related. 

There’s no evidence that Winona and Talia Ryder are related

The basis of speculation about potential familial relations between Winona and Tyler isn’t solely based on their names. Many actors share names and don’t face rumors about being related. 

Winona and Tyler, however, share a name and look very alike. A tweet by @AD_Strider highlights the similarities between the actors’ facial features. The tweet reads:

“The fact that Winona Ryder and Talia Ryder AREN’T related is kinda rocking my world right now. Are we sure? Are we suuuuuuure they’re not?”

There’s no evidence that Winona and Talia are related. Winona hails from an American mother, Cynthia Palmer, and a Ukrainian immigrant father, Michael Horowitz. Michael and Cynthia named her Winona Laura Horowitz. 

She adopted the name Ryder from Mitch Ryder, a soul and rock artist her father was a fan of. Therefore, the name Ryder has no connection to her family.

We suspect that Talia got the name Ryder from her father. Talia’s father has shied away from the limelight, with her mother, Kristin Clark, taking responsibility for Talia and her sister. 

It’s unlikely that Kristin has any familial connection with Winona’s family. Furthermore, given Ryder is Winona’s adopted name, it’s improbable Talia’s father has any relationship with Winona. 

Therefore, despite the resemblance between Talia and Winona, it’s improbable that they are related.