Steve Kornacki is the star of election day news coverage in the United States. The MSNBC political correspondent gained national fame during the 2020 elections via his intellect, wit, coherence, and those khakis. Nobody on television could pull off khakis better than Steve Kornacki, the internet opined. Twitter shows love through memes, so Steve Kornacki became the subject of viral internet memes.

During election season, all major news outlets have a reporter standing in front of a screen, tabulating election results as they come. However, none does it better than Steve Kornacki, who’s proven to be a valuable asset for MSNBC. 

Steve Kornacki is currently single or dating in secret

Steve Kornacki isn’t married or dating anyone publicly. In 2020, Steve was linked with David Mack of BuzzFeed

“When will my husband, Steve Kornacki, return from war?” read the tweet from Mack that sparked the rumors. Mack then joked about reading tweets supporting Kornacki in bed every night.

David was joking, but some people took the alleged relationship as real. After reports debunking the rumors surfaced, Mack joked:

“Yes, the rumors are true. Sadly, Steve and I have divorced. He was simply spending too much time at work for us to make us work. It’s painful but a new beginning. Peace and love.”

Kornacki and Mack were never married and weren’t together. Mack is dating Michael Bauer. 

Kornacki came out as gay following the breakdown of his relationship with ‘Dan.’

Kornacki came out as gay following a failed relationship with a guy named Dan. The reporter wrote on Salon that he realized he was gay during his sophomore year in high school:

“I began to wonder: Why wasn’t I looking at the cheerleaders that way? And why was I sometimes noticing the other team’s players instead? My heart rate quickened and my mind spun until a thought surfaced: This is what it means to be gay.”

Steve wrote that he hid the thoughts became he didn’t fit gay stereotypes and had crushes on girls. “So my epiphany at that basketball game was as sudden as it was incompatible with my self-image. I fought it relentlessly,” Kornacki wrote. 

Kornacki suppressed his feelings expertly until he enrolled at Boston University. He arranged a meeting with a guy he’d met online, leading to an unsavory sexual encounter. “I’m still too Catholic to add much more here, but suffice it to say: It was quick, I didn’t do much, and I felt dirty, degraded and embarrassed the whole time.,” Kornacki wrote. 

After years of trial and error, Kornacki met Dan (fake name). The couple shared a lot, including being closeted. Dan overcame his reservations about coming out before Steve did, jeopardizing their relationship. Kornacki’s partner wanted an unreserved romance; Steve wasn’t ready. 

The relationship ended because Steve was too scared to come out: “There weren’t a thousand little reasons why things had ended up like this. There was one big one. If I couldn’t stand up to the fear that had gripped me since high school, regret would become my permanent condition.”

Steve couldn’t save his relationship with Dan, but he wouldn’t let fear inhibit his romantic life. Kornacki said coming out was easier than he’d expected. Steve concluded:

“This isn’t the start of some brand-new life. I actually like a lot about the one I already have. But now the fear and paranoia are gone. And my life can finally make sense to the people who matter to me.”