Alia Marie ‘Lia’ Shelesh (Online alias: SSSniperWolf) is an English-born American YouTube star who gained fame thanks to her gaming content. Lia created her channel in January 2013, and as of November 2020, she has 23.1 million followers. When Marie started her channel, her content mostly revolved around gaming. However, as she grew in popularity, she incorporated commentaries, DIYs, vlogs, and reactions.

SSSniperWolf has created perhaps the most rounded channel on YouTube. There are all kinds of quality videos on it, and the creator is quite funny. Lia is also a star on Instagram, where she commands a following of 5 million.

This piece will look at Marie’s love life. We can confirm that she is not married.

Lia and her boyfriend Sausage have had an on and off relationship since 2013

Sausage and sssniperwolf

Lia’s boyfriend, YouTuber Evan Sausage, first messaged her in 2013. In a November 2015 video titled How I Met My Boyfriend, Lia revealed that Sausage told her, “I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.” Lia thought that it was the funniest thing she’d ever had, and the couple started talking.

Initially, Sausage catfished Lia by sending her a fake photo of himself. Eventually he sent a real photo, and Lia liked what she saw. She loved Sausage’s long hair and beard. The couple had to learn how to be in a relationship since neither of them had dated before. Nevertheless, the couple committed to each other and moved in together.

2016 was an eventful year for the couple as they broke up, got back together, and got arrested for screaming at each other. In August 2016, Lia and Sausage got into a fight, and Sausage reacted by changing his screensaver to a photo of a random girl. Lia got so mad that she started screaming, much to the annoyance of her neighbors. Lia explained:

“I wasn’t even screaming for help or anything. I was just screaming like, ‘I hate you! I fucking hate you!’ It’s just really stupid and I come back inside, and I start screaming again. I guess the neighbors heard. I don’t know which neighbors, but somebody called the cops on us.”

Lia and Evan haven’t posted each other on social media for a while, but we suspect that they are still together. She stated in a May 2020 Q&A that she doesn’t have an ex, and therefore, she hasn’t broken up with Sausage.

Sniper’s attitude towards having children has changed but she is still not sure whether she wants to have them


Lia stated in the 2015 boyfriend video that she and Sausage will probably get married. However, she hasn’t spoken about marriage since. She has given insights about her future, but most of them revolve around whether she plans to have children.

She stated in her May Q&A that a few years ago, she’d resolved not to have kids, but her attitude has gradually changed. However, she is not totally convinced about having children. She said:

“Do I want one? Is this the life for me? I haven’t held a baby since my sister was born. That was 19 years ago. I haven’t been around children or babies. How do I know if I want one or not? Maybe in the next three or four years? Is that a good timeframe?”