Huge titles continue to leave Netflix as the streaming platform war rages on. Spartacus is another title destined to leave Netflix.

Spartacus is an action biographical series that tells the story of famed gladiator Spartacus. Spartacus was released in 2010, and it still enjoys a massive following. The gladiator lifestyle depicted on the show appeals to many fans, and the action scenes are also quite incredible to watch.

The show ran for four exhilarating seasons, all of which are available on Netflix. Keep reading to find out why the show is leaving Netflix, and where you can watch it afterwards.

Why is Spartacus leaving Netflix?

Spartacus has been on Netflix since 2015, but you now have a month or so to binge on the four seasons. Spartacus is scheduled to leave Netflix on 31st January 2020. It is unclear why the series is leaving Netflix, but we suspect that the show’s contract with Netflix has come to an end.

Spartacus is a popular title, and it’s a bit of a surprise that Netflix is letting the show leave. At the moment, the removal only applies to Netflix US. Other regions will continue to stream the show.

Where will Spartacus be available for streaming?

Spartacus is a Starz production, and it will be available on Starz’s digital platforms. You can stream Starz shows via the app or via an added Amazon Prime subscription.

Its unclear whether Starz is working on a streaming platform. However, we know that Starz management is looking to have more female oriented content. Spartacus certainly doesn’t fall into that category.

We will let you know if Spartacus becomes available on a streaming platform.