Over the past few years, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps. The dancing and lip-syncing videos posted by TikTokers, such as Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards have taken over the internet. TikTok has also given us a new host of adorable couples and relationships.

Josh Richards is a star on TikTok with 14.5 million followers. His individual and collaborative dance videos have earned him a place among TikTok royalty. Nessa Barrett has an impressive 4.7 million followers on the app, and she is quite the dancer. This piece will explore the details about Nessa and Josh’s relationship.

Fans started speculating about a relationship between the couple in mid-2019

Fans started shipping Nessa and Josh after she appeared in one of his videos. She wasn’t the first girl to appear in Josh’s videos, but there was something different about her. Later on, in an August 2019 Q&A, Josh confessed that he had a crush on Nessa.

Nessa later stated in the comments section of Miranda Mason’s TikTok that she had a crush on Josh. She then stated in an Instagram Live video after questions about Josh emerged, ‘Josh is mine. Goodbye.’

Josh and Nessa confirmed that they were dating in early 2020

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett

The announcement that fans had been waiting for arrived in early 2020. Josh posted a photo of the couple on Instagram on 26th January and added the caption, ‘Mine’.

Nessa had deleted her Instagram, but she reopened it on the same day with a romantic post of her and Josh.