Our favorite hedgehog Sonic is back on our screens after the release of the much-awaited film Sonic the Hedgehog. The film offered Jeff Fowler his first directorial debut, and it features stars such as Jim Carrey (Doctor Robotnik), Ben Schwartz (Voice of Sonic), Natasha Rothwell, Tika Sumpter, and Neal McDonough. 

Doctor Robotnik is the villain in Sonic the Hedgehog as he tries to steal Sonic’s powers to facilitate his robotics plan. Robotnik is backed by the government, and so Sonic and his friend Tom have to go against the government to defeat Robotnik. Sonic the Hedgehog has been received well by fans and critics alike.

This article will detail where the film will be available for streaming.

Will Sonic the Hedgehog come to Netflix?

There is a good chance that Sonic the Hedgehog will eventually come to Netflix.

Paramount Pictures has always had a good relationship with Netflix. The two companies even signed a multi-picture film deal in November 2018. However, new Paramount Pictures titles rarely head to Netflix, especially in the US. Sonic the Hedgehog will most likely appear on Netflix outside the US.

Netflix Canada will most likely get Sonic the Hedgehog first. Most Paramount titles appear on Netflix Canada after the end of their theatrical runs. We expect that Sonic the Hedgehog will appear on Netflix Canada before the end of 2020.

Sonic the Hedgehog will also appear in regions such as the UK and Australia after 2-3 years.

Where will Sonic the Hedgehog be available for streaming?

We expect that Sonic the Hedgehog will be available for US viewers on Epix. Paramount Pictures currently has a long-term deal with MGM-owned Epix. The deal is set to run up to 2022.

Similar films on Netflix

Thankfully for you, there are plenty of adventure films on Netflix for you to enjoy.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones won’t take you around the universe like Sonic, but he will take you for one hell of a ride as he seeks an ancient artifact with destructive powers. The show’s storyline will have you hooked, and so will Indiana’s charisma and fearlessness in the face of danger.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: This film marked the final battle of Middle earth as Frodo endeavored to destroy the ring once and for all, and Sauron’s power reached its peak. Prepare for epic battles, stunning visuals, and a bitter-sweet ending.