Silicon Valley is a comedy series that revolves around technology and the geniuses that come up with mind-blowing technological advances. The show portrays the lives of these tech geniuses just as you would expect them to be. They are more obsessed about outscoring each other rather than making actual progress with their inventions.

When Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) creates the Pied Piper music app, he believes that he has hit the jackpot. He pitches his idea to an investor who blows him off. Richard also shows his creation to a couple of programmers at his workplace, and they point out that his creation is useless.

However, Pied Piper is more than just a music app. The app contains a valuable data compression algorithm that Hendricks’ employers think is worth $4 million. Hendricks refuses to sell the app and instead forms a team to develop the app. Silicon Valley follows the members of this team as they deal with the success of Pied Piper.

Silicon Valley is an exceptional comedy. The humor is great, and there is a solid story to keep you glued to your screen. The actors also portray their roles brilliantly, and they look comfortable in their respective roles.

Is Silicon Valley available on Netflix?

Silicon Valley premiered on 6th April 2014 and its sixth season is set to premiere on 27th October 2019. Unfortunately, you cannot catch up with Silicon Valley seasons on Netflix. The series isn’t available in any region on Netflix.

The reason is that HBO has exclusive distribution rights to the show. You can watch all seasons of Silicon Valley on HBO Now. You can also buy the series on Amazon Prime.

Similar shows on Netflix

Luckily there are other comedies on Netflix that you can binge.

The IT crowdThe IT Crowd revolves around three staff members that form the IT department at Reynholm industries. The humor in the show is pretty top-notch, and the actors have great chemistry. However, this is not the show for you if you want a show focused on technology. The boss of the crew, Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson), knows nothing about IT!

Arrested DevelopmentArrested Development follows the dysfunctional Bluth family. When their real estate empire collapses, the Bluths lose most of their wealth and power. The series focuses on how each family member deals with the change in lifestyle. Arrested Development is one hell of a funny show.