Finished binging American Horror Story on Netflix and too impatient to wait for next week’s episode on FX?

Well, lucky for you fictionalized horror is taking over our streaming services and there are a lot of options for what to watch while you wait.

So, grab some popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and maybe think about leaving on the lights.

Here is a list of shows that’ll definitely fill that post-season void:

The Haunting of Hill House


If you’re down with a cool ghost story, that also doubles as a tear-jerker then this show might be the one for you. This brilliant new show delves into the heartbreaking actuality of drug abuse and its effect on family and friends. It also takes an overall look at mental health by cleverly using the overall genre of horror to disguise this looming issue that is seamlessly weaved through the season. So, yes you may be holding back tears as characters fight their personal demons, but you’ll be doing so while shaking and sweating from fear of the Bent Neck Lady.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Every 90s kid dream has come true with this new spin on our favorite teenage witch. But, surprise- Sabrina is now basically in a satanic cult and sh*t is getting real in terms of sexuality. Post-pubescent Harvey doesn’t seem so innocent and goofy anymore as things get hot and steamy with his boo, ‘Brina. This dark and sexy twist on our beloved Sabrina will make you understand why ‘bad’ can sometimes be kind of hot.

Bates Motel


This is another twist on a classic. Bates Motel is a well thought-out tribute to Hitchcock’s, Psycho. The show tells the story of how Norman Bate became…well, psycho. It meticulously delves into how his psyche develops throughout his teen years by the experiences he endures. You’ll definitely cringe at the carefully tended to, unhealthy relationship between Norman and his mother Norma.

Hemlock Grove


Was American Horror Story: Freak Show your favorite season? If so, then Hemlock Grove is definitely right up your alley! This show jumps right into werewolves and vampires, so any former Twilight fan will also be pleased. Like many horror shows, this is about a small fictional town where a lot of bad is happening and the townspeople are desperate to get to the bottom of the recent tragedies. Rumors start rapidly flying around about a 17-year-old local being a werewolf and while watching you’ll start to feel as if you were back in the times of the Salem Witch Trials.

Black Mirror


Black Mirror delves into the sci-fi genre a lot more than American Horror Story has, but the stories of each episode don’t come off as corny as sci-fi has a tendency to do. Black Mirror is best described as a modern Twilight Zone, that closely relates to our society in the present day. It definitely creates powerful discussions with its slightly hidden commentary of our reliance on technology. Some episodes will have you questioning, “what if this really happened?”, and that’s because these events actually could. And, what’s scarier than that?

True Blood


So, this show has been over for a while now, but it’s one that is well worth the watch. Rewind to 2014, when the series ended, and get binging. Of course, it is quite obvious by the title that vampires are involved, but as the seasons continue more and more mythological creatures are added creating a new image of the south, where the show takes place. Much like, American Horror Story, True Blood delves into political and social issues using horror as an overlaying metaphor. But, the real reason to watch is to see who Sookie picks…will it be Bill, her first love or Eric, the sexy bad boy?… Well, vampire.

Penny Dreadful


The big draw for Penny Dreadful is definitely its use of some of our favorite classic stories. It intertwines tales such as Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dracula, and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The dark and mysterious tone of the show successfully connects these stories and expands on their tellings by creating more character development through dynamic backstories. The show is something entirely its own, so it is not as if you’re watching the same old stories you’ve heard a thousand times. It is original, heart-wrenching, and innovative with its familiarity.

Castle Rock


I’m a firm believer that anything with Stephen King’s name on it is definitely worth a try. He is a master of horror and dabbles in many different forms of the genre; from aliens in Dream Catcher to pure survival mode terror in Gerald’s Game to ghosts in Bag of Bones to the unseen monster or possible paranoia (depending on your theory) in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. The list for Stephen King’s scary accomplishments could go on and on, so that’s what makes Castle Rock so tempting to any horror buff. This show takes some of King’s most beloved works such as Cujo and Needful Things and intertwines the story together. Of course, set in Maine like many of his stories, the show focuses on the character storytelling, in a landscape of beautiful images. So, if you can’t get hooked on the story, at least you’ll have something nice to look at.

Stranger Things


If you haven’t jumped on this fan-ship yet, then you’re missing out. Not only will Stranger Things have you screaming at your screen as the Demogorgon launches itself at the much-loved goofy children, but Winona Ryder’s high-energy anxiousness and falsely-diagnosed paranoia will start to creep on you too; I’m serious, don’t watch this if you’re already anxious because you’ll become temporarily agoraphobic and start making maps all over your house, just like Weaver. The acting in this show is beyond incredible too, and who doesn’t love a good coming-of-age tale?

Harper’s Island


Yes, this is a mini-series and there are no talks of a sequel, but it is well worth the watch. Though fair warning, you will be terribly disappointed when it ends. But, what a perfect ending it is! I won’t spoil it. The series starts out at a wedding, everything is happy and jovial except for a few little tidbits we find out about the characters, mainly dealing with the history between them and how everyone relates to one another. But, then…dun…dun…dun, one by one people start to go missing from the wedding party; I mean, obviously, because this is a thriller. This show will have your mind jumping back and forth trying to figure out who the killer is. You’ll be thrown on a rollercoaster of conspiracy theories and I almost guarantee you won’t have a clear idea until the last episode who the killer actually is.