Shiho Yoshimura is a retired Japanese volleyball player who rose to fame for her skill on the court and her looks. Influenced by her sister, Yoshimura started playing volleyball in third grade. She played throughout elementary school and high school before joining Tokai University. 

Yoshimura formed a deadly coalition with other ace spikers in the group. They led Tokai University to second place in the league in 2008. In December 2011, Shiho led to team to victory at the All Japan Incare and scooped the Best Scorer Award. She joined the Ageo Medics in 2012 and left the team in June 2016. 

Shiho Yoshimura lives a secretive life after her retirement from volleyball

The last time we saw Shiho Yoshimura play competitive volleyball was in early 2016

She retired from the sport after four years with the Ageo Medics. Few expected that she would retire after just four years with the Medics. She seemed to have a prosperous future in volleyball ahead of her. 

Yoshimura adopted a secretive life after she retired from volleyball. She has no active social media accounts, but there are plenty of fan pages dedicated to her. We suspect that Shiho retreated to Japan after her brief but memorable stint as a professional volleyball player.