Shannon Sharpe is famous for an outstanding NFL career and his reinvention into a sports pundit after retirement. Sharpe constantly trends due to his comments about players and games. He recently blasted Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks for refusing to talk to the media after the team lost its playoff series against the Lakers. 

Shannon Sharpe is not married and isn’t in a relationship

Shannon Sharpe is not married and isn’t dating. Sharpe is secretive about his love life but hasn’t hidden his admiration for Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

In November 2017, Sharpe tweeted he would ask Nicole out. Per a photo Sharpe posted on Instagram, he and Nicole hang out at a gym. However, it’s unlikely that Sharpe and Nicole pursued a relationship. 

Sharpe hasn’t lost his love for Nicole. “They’re just friends,” Shannon reacted to photos of Antoine Fuqua and Nicole Murphy kissing. “That’s still my girl and I love her.”

The pundit has gone to great lengths to find a soulmate. He once revealed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed that he paid for a lover’s divorce because he thought she was ‘the one’. Sharpe explained:

“I knew I wanted her. I said, You know what? I’ll pay for the divorce because I believed she was the one. That’s what I did, I said, Why are you arguing about this? He wouldn’t sign the paper. I say why are you arguing about this little bit of money? I gave him the money and filed the divorce. I did that!”

Sharpe’s last confirmed relationship was with Katy Kellner, a public school teacher. The couple reportedly got engaged after dating for two years. Reports claim the relationship ended when Shannon learned she was pregnant with another man’s child. 

Sharpe has two daughters and a son from previous relationships

Sharpe welcomed his son, Kiari, in 1992 alongside Erika Evans. He has two daughters, Kaley and Kayla, from previous relationships with unidentified women. 

In a rare post featuring his offspring, Sharpe appreciated Kayla for remembering him on Father’s Day. He wrote alongside a photo of himself and Kayla:

“My oldest daughter (Kayla) surprised her dad with a visit and lunch for Father’s Day. Don’t normally post my kids, but I’m extremely happy of her and the woman she’s becoming.”