The investigative kids of Riverdale are back on our screens this fall. We can’t wait to discover the next chapter in Archie and his friends’ lives. The town of Riverdale has thrown up many mysteries over the past seasons. Which mystery will Archie discover this time?

Why do we love Riverdale so much?

The series starts by portraying Riverdale as a quiet town. A town where crimes such as murders are hardly ever reported. That is until Jason Blossom is found dead. Jason Blossom is a popular high school student, and he comes from the most powerful family in Riverdale. His death rocks Riverdale to the core and his friends decide to investigate his murder.

The murder investigation leads to some shocking discoveries about Riverdale. Archie and his friends discover that Riverdale is not as innocent as it looks from the outside. The shock that comes with every discovery is the reason why we love Riverdale.

It’s a series that is beautifully written and directed. There are no clichés about the mysteries in Riverdale. In addition to the mysteries, the series dissects the lives of high school students. The students add drama, romance, and a bit of humor to the series.

Will Riverdale season 4 come to Netflix?

The 4th season of Riverdale will premiere on 9th October on The CW. According to CW’s deal with Netflix, the entire season 4 of Riverdale will be available to Netflix US subscribers eight days after the release of the season finale. Based on past seasons, Riverdale usually ends in May or early June. You can expect Riverdale to appear on Netflix at around May or June 2020.

For most Netflix viewers outside the US, Riverdale appears as a Netflix original. These regions include the UK and Canada. In these regions, each episode of Riverdale will appear a day after the episode airs in the US on The CW network.

What to expect in Riverdale season 4

The previous Riverdale seasons have all been based on a particular mystery. The first season centered on Jason’s murder, the second season on Black Hood’s identity, and the third season on Gargoyle King. We will likely be introduced to another mystery in season 4.

Archie and his friends are now in senior year, and so we expect to see more drama from outside school. There is also the big issue of a flash-forward that showed Archie, Veronica, and Bettie cleaning up after a murder. We hope to find out the details about that murder.

The show’s creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, revealed that the first episode of the new season will be a tribute to the late Luke Perry. Luke played the role of Fred Andrews.