Remi Warren embarks on a new adventure, knowing that he has full support from his wife. The knowledgeable and skilled hunter is no longer part of the MeatEater franchise, having parted ways with the show after ten seasons. His fans can still find a lot of his content on social media, and there are high chances that he will land another television spot. 

“Team work makes the dream work,” Remi captioned his 4th wedding anniversary post in early April 2022. He uploaded a photo of him and his wife, Danielle Warren, fist-bumping during one of their countless adventures.

Remi and Danielle married in April 2018 in New Zealand

Remi And Warren Danielle wedding

Remi and Danielle exchanged wedding vows in April 2018, surrounded by close friends and family in New Zealand. The stone church picked by the couple stood near a lake surrounded by a bare, mountainous landscape. 

In his announcement post, Remi compared his wife to the picturesque venue that hosted their nuptials. “Her soul matches the landscape – open, wild, and beautiful,” Warren wrote alongside the wedding photos. He continued:

“This lake has been a starting point for me over the years for some of my favorite adventures. It is very fitting that this new adventure starts here as well. In this small space we exchanged our vows surrounded by our family and close friends.”

Remi admitted to getting overwhelmed by the occasion. “I have always said that there are only two things in this world that will make a real man cry – God and a woman – today I was touched by both,” Remi wrote. 

He concluded his post by showering praise on Danielle: “My wife is as beautiful inside as she is outwardly. Her character is steadfast, her smile is infectious, and her spirit for adventure is unrivaled, and I am excited to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Remi described his first year of marriage as one of the best years of his life; he referred to it as his greatest adventure. He painted Danielle as a selfless and supportive partner:

“One who constantly inspires me to go further, who runs around barefoot, is up to climb any mountain, is incredibly humble, and constantly puts the needs of others before her own. She is a badass in every regard and I respect her for the many things she has brought to my life.”

Danielle and Remi welcomed their daughter Wren Lucy Warren in June 2021

Remi and Danielle found out that they were pregnant during a hunting trip in Montana. Warren wrote on Instagram that Danielle wanted a natural birth and put in a lot of effort to prepare. 

“She put in the time preparing, and did what she put her mind to,” Remi wrote. “I am so humbled by here strength. It was an incredible experience.”

The couple welcomed Wren Lucy Warren in late June 2021. “My wife Danielle and I are so excited and blessed by her,” Remi wrote. 

Remi came up with a handy hunter’s analogy to describe the moment: “To put it in hunter terms, the feeling I get when I look at my daughter is like constantly walking up on a 200-inch buck!”

Remi rescued Danielle after she got lost for three days in the Nevada wilderness

Remi Warren And Warren Danielle wedding

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Remi described the disappearance and rescue of Danielle after she got lost in the Nevada wilderness. Probably due to its personal nature, Remi characterized the story as one he should have kept secret, but he nevertheless opened up about the experience.  

“That was probably one of the worst outdoor experiences that ended up turning out good,” he said. Remi and Danielle had taken a break from their relationship when she vanished for three days. 

He reacted to the news by driving to Nevada with his brother and a close friend to assist the search and rescue team. Remi explained:

“She was missing for — this would be going on her third day. They had Black Hawk helicopters out looking and couldn’t find her. Search and rescue, they did the dog thing. Everything.”

The rescue team believed that Danielle had been kidnapped as locals had reported seeing a car with Mexican plates in the area at the time of her disappearance. He said that he couldn’t bear the thought of Danielle being kidnapped or dead. He continued:

“They actually kind of thought since they had put in a search effort that she was gone, like taken. So that kind of shits in your mind. They were searching in the middle of the day which I thought it would be better to search in the evening.”

Remi continued searching and stumbled on tracks that looked different from typical deer prints. He followed them to a bench area, called out to Danielle, and received a faint reply. “I flipped on my light and she’s like 300 feet below me,” he said. 

Due to severe dehydration, Danielle suffered from confusion and memory loss. She’d gone for a hike to sweat out an illness she had and lost too much water, impeding her ability to return home. 

“We got up to paramedics and then obviously to the hospital and like a pretty extensive rehydration process,” Warren said. Remi joked that the rescue comes in handy during the couple’s arguments. “Remember that time I saved your life?” Remi joked.