It would be an understatement to say that Parasite took the world by storm. The Korean film created by Bong Joon Ho became an unexpected hit shortly after its release. Bong Joon Ho is hailed as a brilliant writer and director, and Parasite serves as his greatest hit to date.

Parasite is a typical black comedy film, and it has received plaudits for the way it portrays the ills of capitalism. The film follows two families in contrasting financial situations. The Kim family lives in a basement in Seoul while the Park family lives in a lavish house in the hills. The different family’s lives intertwine when the Parks hire Kim’s son Ki-Woo to tutor their daughter Da-Hye.

Is Parasite available on Netflix?

Parasite is currently available on Netflix in the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey. The film first appeared in Mexico in late 2020 and has gradually appeared in other regions since then. It is, therefore, likely that Parasite will appear in other Netflix regions in 2021.

Parasite will be distributed by Neon in the USA, and it remains to be seen whether Neon will hand streaming rights to Netflix. Neon and Netflix have a sketchy past, and given the success of the film, it might be difficult for Netflix US to acquire the film.