Overcomer is a Christian drama movie that was produced in part by Kendrick Brothers Productions. Kendrick Brothers is a company dedicated to spreading the Christian message through movies, books, curriculum, and speaking.

Overcomer is the 6th film produced by Kendrick Brothers. Their previous films were Flywheel (2003), Facing the Giants (2006), Fireproof (2008), Courageous (2011), and War Room (2015).

Overcomer was released by Sony Pictures, and it came out in theaters on August 23, 2019. It is about a basketball coach, John Harrison, who is played by Alex Hendrick. Coach Harrison reluctantly begins to coach cross-country when ordered to by his principal. It turns out that only one person tries out for the team, Hannah Scott, a girl with asthma, who is played by Aryn Wright-Thompson.

This film also starred Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rugby, Jack Sterner, and Cameron Arnett.

Overcomer has gotten mixed reviews, receiving an aggregate score of 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. The message of Overcomer is decidedly Christian and evangelical. Reviewers who enjoy faith-based movies seemed to give it positive reviews.

On the other hand, more secular reviewers did not. Mark Dujsik ends his review on RogerEbert.com by saying, “Apparently, ‘Overcomer’ isn’t for an audience that cares about being told a story. It’s aimed at an audience that doesn’t mind too much if a story occasionally interrupts a homily.”

Will Overcomer be coming to Netflix in the future?

Of course, the question that is most important to us is: if you want to watch Overcomer on Netflix, will you be able to?

No, Overcomer will not be coming to Netflix.

As discussed earlier, Overcomer is being distributed by Sony Pictures. While Sony Pictures does have a contract with Netflix concerning its animated features, this contract does not extend to its non-animated movies. Instead, Sony has an exclusive contract with Starz for its regular films once they finish their run in theaters.

Sony’s contract with Starz was renewed in 2016 and it extends to 2021, so this means that Netflix will not be able to obtain streaming rights to Overcomer.

None of the other Kendrick Brothers’ movies are on Netflix either. Fireproof, Courageous, and War Room are all available for streaming on Crackle Free. All three of these movies are also available to purchase on iTunes. Additionally, all of the Kendrick Brothers’ movies are available to purchase on Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play.

Similar films on Netflix

While Overcomer will not be available on Netflix, there are other faith-based and inspiring shows on this streaming service. A couple of them are:

  • A Question of Faith – a movie about three families who meet as a result of a tragic accident who get through it with the help of their faith.
  • God Bless the Broken Road – a movie about a young widow and mother who struggles with her faith as she tries to survive and care for her daughter.