Scott Peterson’s resentencing, 19 years after he murdered Laci Peterson and her unborn child, proved to be a sad affair, as Laci’s family gave emotional impact statements. Laci’s family criticized Scott for his apparent lack of remorse and mourned the loss of the vibrant 27-year-old Laci. One name also appeared in nearly all impact statements: Amber Frey. 

Amber and Scott had a short-term relationship in the month following Laci’s murder. Scott told Amber that he was looking to settle down after ‘losing’ his wife. After discovering that Scott’s wife was missing, Amber reported the relationship and helped prosecutors charge and convict the heartless murderer. 

Amber Frey works as a masseuse and enjoys a normal life

Amber Frey
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Following her inevitable breakup from Scott Pearson, Amber Frey started dating longtime friend Dr. David Markovich in 2003. The couple welcomed Amber’s second child, Justin Dean, before they broke up. 

In 2005, Amber released Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, a tell-all book about her participation in the arrest and conviction of Scott Peterson. The book’s description glosses over the pain she experienced in past relationships:

“Amber had been through some unhappy relationships, and she longed for a true and loving partner. In November 2002, she went on a blind date with Scott Peterson. He was handsome, charming, thoughtful, and romantic. Best of all, he was single and ready to settle down… or so he said.”

In 2006, Amber found a man to settle down with: Robert Hernandez, who, thankfully, worked as a law enforcement officer. However, the marriage was short-lived as it ended in divorce in 2008. 

As Laci Peterson’s murder slowly faded from memory and disappeared from media headlines, Amber Frey gradually retreated from the public limelight. 

Frey, who was a masseuse when she met Scott, pressed on with her profession, eventually opening Euphoria Day Spa in California. Amber shut down the business in 2015 after it went bankrupt. 

Amber is still a masseuse in California, and she lives a normal life. She describes herself as a ‘Public Figure’ on her Instagram page, which contains numerous photos of her travels. 

Amber has expressed willingness to testify if Scott Peterson gets a new trial

Amber Frey

“I understand why most people present here think he’s guilty,” Pat Harris, Scott’s defense attorney, said. “But it’s not a set of facts we believe are true.”

Judge Anne-Christine Massulo resentenced Scott to life in prison without parole in early December 2021. However, Scott might still get a new trial if his lawyers prove jury misconduct during his original trial. 

Peterson’s lawyers allege that juror Richelle Nice misled the court by failing to disclose that she was a victim of domestic violence when she was pregnant. Pat Harris told Today that he’s ‘cautiously optimistic’ that Scott will get a new trial. 

Former prosecutor Michele Hagan told KRON4 that ‘there is a great likelihood’ Scott will get a new trial. Michele added:

“Miss Nice was a victim of domestic violence while pregnant. I think it’s really difficult for someone who went through that experience to set that aside, and to sit as a juror in a case when you are dealing with another woman who may have been killed, murdered, at the hands of her husband while pregnant.”

Amber Frey pays close attention to the developments in Scott Peterson’s case. After the California Supreme Court overturned Scott’s sentence but upheld his conviction, Frey sent a statement to Fox News expressing her satisfaction with the court’s decision to uphold the guilty verdict. 

Upon learning of Scott’s attorneys’ plans to secure a new trial for their client, Frey, through her attorney Gloria Allred, expressed her intention to testify again against Scott. Allred told KPIX:

“Amber has said the truth is the truth. So if, as, is when the court decides to grant habeas corpus petition to Scott Peterson and decided there should be a new trial – in otherwise not only on the death penalty phase but essentially the case in chief. The guilt phase. She’s willing to testify and she will testify.”

Allred added that Amber isn’t ‘looking forward to being a witness to a high-profile case’ but will appear in the interest of justice. Frey’s book’s summary described her intent to find justice for Laci regardless of the scrutiny she endured:

“Amber’s whole world was turned upside down in the process. She lost her privacy, every detail of her life was scrutinized by the media, who couldn’t seem to get enough of this tragic, heart-wrenching story. But she soldiered on, looking deep inside herself and drawing strength from her faith.”