Nancy Drew is an upcoming CW drama television series based on a mystery book series with the same name. According to the plot, Nancy and her friends witness a murder. However, the police end up treating them as suspects.

Nancy and her friends find themselves entangled in this mystery murder. The friends decide to team up to find out who is responsible, and in turn, prove their innocence. However, as Nancy and her friends delve deeper into the investigation, the more mysterious the murder gets.

At one point, Nancy and her friends point to a ghost as the murderer. Do you believe in ghosts? Nancy Drew will make you reconsider your answer to that question. From the trailer, we can tell that the series won’t be all doom and gloom. There is a bit of humor and some romance in the mix as well.

The verdict on the show is that it will be very interesting. It is set to premiere on 9th October on The CW network.

Will Nancy Drew come to Netflix?

The CW network has a good relationship with Netflix, but The CW has a new deal with HBO Max. The question on your mind is whether this deal will affect the availability of Nancy Drew on Netflix.

The answer is that it is highly unlikely that Nancy Drew will appear on Netflix. However, it isn’t because of HBO Max. CBS owns The CW network, and it is currently looking to promote its streaming service known as CBS All Access. The series will appear on CBS All Access 30 days before the release of season 2.

It’s still unclear whether Nancy Drew will be available on Netflix outside of the US.

Similar shows on Netflix

Nancy Drew might not be available on Netflix, but you can binge on the following shows.

Stranger thingsStranger Things is one of the most popular mystery shows on Netflix. The series starts with the mysterious disappearance of a boy from his hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. With the help of a strange girl with psychokinetic abilities, his friends resolve to look for him. The town of Hawkins, Indiana will never be the same again.

BodyguardBodyguard is one of the shows that always maintains suspense. The main character is a metro police officer, David Budd, tasked with guarding the life of Home Secretary Julia Montague. It looks like a pretty straightforward job until the series starts to unravel David Budd’s past. Is David a hero or a villain in waiting?