My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a television series developed by Lauren Faust based on the popular Hasbro’s My Little Pony line of toys. The series follows a pony named Twilight Sparkle after she builds a friendship with five friends to form a group known as the Mane Six.

The Mane Six’s destinies are linked, but they are different ponies. Each of them represents a particular facet of friendship, and to defeat their enemies, they have to put aside their differences and come together in the spirit of friendship. The series ended after nine seasons, and it is yet to appear on Netflix. This piece will detail everything you need to know about My Little Pony season 9.

When will My Little Pony season 9 come to Netflix?

My Little Pony has had a complicated relationship with Netflix since the show first appeared on the streaming service in 2015. In 2018, there was talk that the series was about to expire on Netflix.

The number of seasons of the series on Netflix depends on your region, but most regions have eight seasons.

The last episode of season 9 aired on 12th October 2019 on Discovery Family. It usually doesn’t take this long for Netflix to update My Little Pony after it airs on Discovery.

There is a high likelihood that season 9 won’t appear on Netflix since it is available on Hulu. If season nine does appear on Netflix, we expect it to become available in late 2020 or early 2021.

What happened in season 8 of My Little Pony?

Season 8 of My Little Pony featured a continuation of the Mane Six’s storyline. Princess Twilight discovered the existence of magical lands outside of Equestria, and together with her friends, she founded Twilight Sparkle’s School of Friendship. The magical school created a haven for ponies and non-ponies to gather and learn to be kind to one another.

The Mane Six showed that even though they were the teachers at the new school, their friendships weren’t perfect. The group’s conflicts had greater significance since the students at the school looked up to them for guidance. Season 8 introduced as to a diverse set of characters, and a new set of six friends. The Mane Six were still the main characters, but we got to see Ocellus, Silverstream, Smolder, Gallus, Sandbar, and Yona go on their own adventures.

Much to our surprise, the villain in season 8 turned out to be Cozy Glow. The Young Six used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Equestria’s newest threat.

What to expect in season 9 of My Little Pony

Season 9 will continue from the events of season 8, and we expect there to be a greater focus on the Young Six. Season 8 saw them come together to impressively defeat Cozy, but we didn’t get to see their storylines develop as we saw in season 1 with the Mane Six. Season 9 should see the Young Six’s loyalty, courage, kindness, and weaknesses tested more.

The Mane Six’s storyline should wrap up in season 9, and we expect to see Twilight Sparkle take over from Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. We expect that Twilight will struggle to adapt to her new position, but her friends will be there to aid in her success.

Every My Little Pony season has had a villain, and we expect season 9 to have the worst villain of all. Perhaps we will see an old villain with more power try to destroy Equestria, or the creators of the show will come up with a new villain. We expect the Mane Six and the Young Six to team up against this new threat.