When a Sheriff in Wisconsin shared Misty Loman’s photos, he doubtlessly had good intentions. He wanted to show people the effects of drug use on the human body. However, the Sheriff failed to mention that Misty had Scleroderma, bone cancer, and Lupus. Fortunately, people familiar with Misty commented about her illnesses, bringing people together to support Loman. 

Authorities arrested Misty when she appeared in court high on drugs. They claim to have recovered illegal drugs from her. 

The Sheriff purposed to deter people from drug use, but he also succeeded in garnering sympathy for Misty, which helped her get the assistance she needed. 

Misty is free from drugs and continues on the road to recovery

Misty Loman’s life’s trials led her to drugs and crime. She lost three sons, and doctors diagnosed her with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Loman planned to use drugs till she died. She told WBKO:

“I had no intentions. I was gonna get high until I died. Doctors didn’t give me much time to live and I just spiraled out of control. I saw no way out. I was so depressed. I didn’t want to wake up. I lost all my hair, it got really bad. I lost my kids. I was homeless. I was at rock bottom.”

Loman knew that she could pursue treatment, but she was too broken to try it. “I didn’t want to wake up,” she added. Loman couldn’t hold down a job, so to support her habit, she turned to crime. Misty went in and out of jail fifteen times before she went viral. 

Thankfully, Misty gave recovery another shot. She joined a treatment center, and after dedicating her life to God, she found a new lease of life. Loman added:

“If you are struggling and you see no way out and your mind, body, and spirit is broken, just ask God. Prayers really work they really do. I’m living proof of it. God will help you in your weakest moment.”

Misty continues on the road to recovery and is almost two years free from drugs. Users on Facebook have formed groups that support Loman in prayer. You, too, can support Misty by contributing to her GoFundMe, which raises funds for her medication and rehabilitation. 

The photos on her Facebook page show Loman’s stunning recovery. It’s hard to believe that she’s the same woman who went viral two years ago. She remains steadfast in her Christian faith and gives testimonies of her rehabilitation in churches. In October 2021, Facebook user Kathy Shoemaker invited Loman to give her testimony:

“I ended up connecting with her, forming a new, developing friendship, and learning what a beautiful story of grace and redemption she has. I am thrilled that my pastor also believes in the power of testimonies and am so glad that we will welcome my friend Misty Loman to give her testimony at our church.”