Miracle Workers is a comedy series that was created by Simon Rich, and it is based on the novel, What in God’s Name that he also wrote. It stars Daniel Radcliffe, famous for his role as Harry Potter.

This series premiered on the cable station, TBS, on February 12, 2019. There is currently one season scheduled with 7 episodes. The premise of this series revolves around a heaven that is run like a corporate bureaucracy. Daniel Radcliffe plays a low-level angel named Craig, who is assigned to the department that answers prayers. His teammate is Eliza Hunter, played by Geraldine Viswanathan. This series also stars Steve Buscemi, who plays God. Angela Kinsey had a guest role in the first episode as Gail, an angel in the Department of Angel Resources.

In the first episode, God was frustrated with the state of the earth and was considering bringing about the end. Craig and Eliza take on a challenge in order to change His mind.

Miracle Workers has received mostly good reviews, but they have not been perfect. There are some reviewers that found it humorous, entertaining, and charming. Others thought that it was unoriginal and not as good as other similar comedies. It received an aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes of 70%.

The next three episodes are scheduled for February 19, February 26, and March 5 of 2019.

Is Miracle Workers on Netflix?

Miracle Workers is not currently on Netflix.

Will Miracle Workers be coming to Netflix?

Will Miracle Workers come to Netflix sometime in the future?

There is a possibility that Miracle Workers might come to Netflix.

Miracle Workers will probably not come to Netflix until after it stops running on TBS. Right now, there is one season scheduled, but we do not know if it will have a longer run.

Streaming is a big business, and many stations and distribution companies have deals and contracts with each other. At the moment, TBS does not seem to have any exclusive contracts with any of the major streaming services. This means that it is possible that Netflix may get it. Depending on how popular Miracle Workers becomes, various streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video will bid to get these rights.

Of course, the streaming landscape is always changing, and companies frequently sign new deals with each other, so by the time that Miracle Workers does become available, TBS may have contracted with one of these companies.

So, at the moment, it is anyone’s guess as to whether Miracle Workers will come to Netflix.

In the meantime, there are other shows playing on Netflix right now that you might be interested in. One of them is a series that some reviewers compared Miracle Workers to called The Good Place, in which Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell arrives in the afterlife utopia called “The Good Place” due to a clerical error. She wants to stay there, so she tries to qualify for the Good Place on her own merits. There have been three seasons, and currently, two of them are on Netflix right now.

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