Michael Franzese is one of the most famous mobsters in the world. He was part of the Colombo crime family, and at the height of his power, he brought in up to $8 million per week. Initially, Michael didn’t plan on joining the mob. He dropped out of University to become a mob member after he grew tired of the police harassing his father and crime boss John Franzese.

Michael left the mob after his sentencing on conspiracy charges in 1986. After leaving the mob, he became a target for the crime family. Per his own admission, it’s a miracle that he is alive to tell the story about his crime days.

This article will look at Michael’s wife and the role she played in his transformation.

Michael’s wife Camille inspired him to leave the mob and to become a man of faith

Michael and Camille Garcia met on the set of the film Knights of the City. Franzese was the film’s producer while Camille was one of the dancers. Camille was a devout Christian from Anaheim, California, who had landed the dancing job after one of the dancers left the set to work elsewhere. At the time, Franzese was at the height of his crime career.

Franzese fell for Camille immediately after he saw her. He invited Camille for a date, and despite saying yes, Camille didn’t show up. Unlike other girls on set, Camille wasn’t fascinated by the crime boss. Michael told The Church of The Apostles that Camille stood him up five times.

Thanks to her mom, Camille was a stanch Christian, and she didn’t agree with the conduct of the people on set. One day, she decided leave the set and go back to California. Michael convinced her to let him met her family and she agreed.

Michael felt fascinated and attracted to the commitment to Christianity exhibited by Camille’s mom. She predicted that Michael would one day preach the word of God to millions. That statement signaled the start of Michael’s transformation from a crime lord to a servant of the Lord.

Franzese and Camille got married after Franzese beat another court case that would have sent him to jail for more than 50 years. After another arrest, Michael chose to take plea, and was handed a ten-year sentence. Camille helped Franzese work on his faith during his two stints in prison. She told The Church of the Apostles that it took a long time before Michael accepted the faith entirely. Camille said:

“It took him 10 to 12 years to actually be okay with grace and forgiveness and that he was forgiven and that God’s mercy was for him too. I think that was the hard thing for Mike. He couldn’t accept that. Baptism helped because it was a ritual for him.”

One of Michael Franzese’s daughters wanted to become a police officer

The biggest issue for Michael after leaving the mob was ensuring the safety of his wife and his daughters: Julia, Amanda, and Miquelle. Michael told The Church of the Apostles:

“… head of the organized crime strike force, he went on TV in 1995 when I was released from prison he said, ‘I wouldn’t want to be in Michael Franzese’s shoes. I don’t think his life expectancy is very substantial.’ He was very diplomatic predicting my death.”

Michael didn’t take up witness protection, but he adopted measures to ensure that his family stayed safe. Fortunately, the mob didn’t get to him or his family, and they now live a happy life.

Michael earns his keep by selling his books and being a motivational speaker. Camille and her daughters are fitness enthusiasts who run a gym.

Michael recently told DJ Vlad that Amanda once harbored dreams of joining the police force – the organization that Michael tried to evade for most of his early life. He said, “She wakes up one morning and she says, ‘Dad, I want to join the police department.’ I was stunned. She said, ‘Yeah, I want to do some good.’ She really was committed to doing it.”