Love Alarm represents one of Netflix’s best attempts to diversify into Korean culture. It is the 4th full Korean original ordered by the streaming service. Love Alarm has become a great success for Netflix, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Why we love Love Alarm

Love Alarm is centered on a girl named Kim Jo-Jo and the Love Alarm app. The app shows you anyone around you who has a romantic interest in you. As is expected, the popular boy, Hwang Sun-Ho, sets off alarm after alarm in school. Students use the app to test the viability of their relationships, and a lot of drama ensues after secret crushes come to light.

Sun-Ho has multiple suitors, but he has his eye set on Kim Jo-Jo, and the Love App confirms it. Trouble is, his best friend Lee Hye-Young has a huge crush on Jo-Jo. Lee’s app also confirms his love for Jo-Jo, and we get an intriguing love triangle. Jo-Jo has to choose, and she lets the app choose for her. The app chooses Hwang and Lee backs down.

However, the app that brings Jo-Jo and Hwang together turns out to be their downfall. Fast forward four years later, and the triangle reunites. The boys are both still in love with Jo-Jo, but who will she choose this time?

The storyline is simple, but the inclusion of an all-knowing app makes it so unique and intriguing. The other thing is that you can’t choose between Lee and Hwang. Most of the time, there’s usually one character that deserves the girl. However, in Love Alarm, we are torn between two deserving boys.

When will Love Alarm Season 2 be on Netflix?

Netflix recently announced that we will get another season of this intriguing drama. However, Netflix didn’t announce the exact release date for season 2.

Season 1 was announced in 2017, but it arrived around 2 years later in August 2019. We doubt that season 2 will take that long to come out. Netflix has a pattern when it comes to releasing its shows. We predict that Love Alarm will arrive at around mid-2020.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

What to expect in Love Alarm season 2

There are so many storylines waiting to be explored in season 2. We wait to see how Jo-Jo chooses her man. In the present day, she has a unique feature on her app that prevents it from ringing anyone’s alarm. She can’t use the app to choose, and it will be interesting to see how and who she chooses.

The survival of the Love Alarm app will also come into question. Season 2 will reveal whether the app’s updated version works. On the other hand, Love Alarm faces strong opposition because it has led to suicides and depression for those who fail to get a ring. We can’t wait for season 2.