After thirty years of working at CTV, Lisa LaFlamme has left the network. However, Lisa didn’t get the big send-off that her three decades of service merited; she didn’t even give an on-screen farewell. You get the sense that Bell Media wanted her out as swiftly as possible.

“On June 29th, I was informed that Bell Media made a ‘business decision’ to end my contract, bringing to a sudden close my long career with CTV News,” Lisa announced via a Twitter video. “I was blindsided, and I’m still shocked and saddened by Bell Media’s decision. I still thought I had a lot more time to tell more of the stories that impact our daily lives.”

Lisa LaFlamme is healthy after undergoing major abdominal surgery in October 2021

In October 2021, CTV tweeted that Lisa had taken sick leave following major abdominal surgery. The tweet read:

“Lisa is on medical leave recovering from a non-COVID-related illness. She had major abdominal surgery, but she is on the mend and hopes to be back to work soon.”

Lisa returned to work but didn’t elaborate on the cause of her surgery. Furthermore, CTV didn’t provide further updates on Lisa’s health. 

We assume she is healthy since we haven’t heard anything concerning about her health since her October 2021 surgery. Some fans have speculated that Lisa’s termination is somehow tied to her health. In reply to Lisa’s announcement, @appleton_banana tweeted:

“When everyone is sharing and contributing to Bell’s ‘let’s talk’ program next year, think about how their selfish greed has ruined the lives of umpteen of their staff, all different divisions. LL was ‘recovering from surgery’ just shortly before this all seemed to go down.”