Kurt Russell has had one of the longest acting careers in Hollywood, having made his television debut on The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters in 1963. Russell was one of the leading actors of the 70s, signing a ten-year contract with The Walt Disney Company to star in films like The Strongest Man in the World and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. He most recently appeared as Mr. Nobody in F9: The Fast Saga

Kurt Russell is not sick; he is still acting

Kurt Russell is not sick. He is healthy and hasn’t retired from acting. “Happy birthday to the wacky man in my life! I love you baby,” Russell’s partner, Goldie Hawn, wrote alongside a March 2023 Instagram photo featuring her and Russell. 

In December 2022, Russell and his son Wyatt were spotted heading for the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado. Russell and Goldie vacationed at their Aspen home for most of the 2022 holiday season. 

Kurt Russell is still acting. He and his son Wyatt are set to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series Godzilla and the Titans. A rumor also claims Russell will return as Snake Plisskin, one of his most iconic roles, in the upcoming Escape from New York legacy sequel. 

In August 2021, Russell raised concern for his health when he announced that he would miss the 60th annual Western Heritage Awards to undergo hip surgery. Russell said in a statement that his doctors advised him not to postpone the procedure:

“I had hoped it could wait, but my doctors said it needs to be this September. As much as I hate missing this year, I’m grateful to the museum for being willing to move our recognition to 2022 so I can be there in-person to accept this great honor.”

In April 2022, Russell was belatedly inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, joining his father, Neil Russell, in the Hall of Great Western Performers. Russell was also honored with the Western Heritage Award. 

In mid-2015, Russell was spotted in Louisiana with bloody cuts and bruises all over his face and arms. Russell looked worse for wear, with messy bandages covering some of the cuts on his face. Russell’s disheveled look alarmed fans. It turned out that they had nothing to worry about: the cuts and bruises were movie makeup for his role in Deepwater Horizon

An unconfirmed report by Globe Magazine claimed that Russell had Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. “Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) is a rare disorder in which growths called polyps form in the intestines. A person with PJS has a high risk for developing certain cancers,” mountsinai.org states.